High -Definition Audio -Video Network Alliance Showcases Improved Consumer HD Experience at CEDIA EXPO

The High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance (HANA) will demonstrate the next-generation of connected home entertainment in Booth #2205 at CEDIA EXPO, September 13-17, at the Denver Colorado Convention Center.

DENVER, CO - September 12, 2006 -The High -Definition Audio -Video Network Alliance (HANA) will demonstrate the next -generation of connected home entertainment in Booth #2205 at CEDIA EXPO, September 13 -17, at the Denver Colorado Convention Center. Attendees will see how HANA's design guidelines for secure HD audio -video networks will facilitate commercial deployment of connected products and services and enhance the consumer HD experience.

The booth demonstration will showcase how HANA networking guidelines will dramatically simplify and enhance the home entertainment experience. CEDIA is one of the most popular residential electronic systems industry shows, and is known to feature some of the hottest, most profitable products for the residential electronic systems industry.

HANA is a cross -industry collaboration addressing the end -to -end needs of connected, HD, home entertainment products and services. Promoter members include Charter Communications, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., JVC, NBC Universal, Samsung, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments and Warner Bros. Technical Operations Inc.

HANA's mission is to create industry design guidelines, utilizing existing technology and specifications that will help enable consumers to:
• View, pause and record 5+ HD channels simultaneously without compromising quality of service;
• View, pause and record HD stored on a PVR from anywhere in the home;
• Share personal content from PCs to AV devices while keeping protected content secure;
• Control all AV devices and access content with just a single remote per room; and
• Add any device to the home network with just one cable.

HANA -compliant products will include HDTVs, next -generation DVD players, personal video recorders, set top cable boxes and home theater systems. The first commercial products are expected to be available toward the end of 2006.

If you are a member of the media or analyst community and are interested in speaking with HANA at CEDIA, please contact Liz Delapoer of VTM PR at (503) 619 -5225 or ldelapoer@vtm -inc.com.

About HANA
Formalized in October 2005, the High -Definition Audio -Video Network Alliance (HANA) is a cross -industry collaboration of members addressing the end -to -end needs of connected, HD, home entertainment products and services. The membership includes leading companies from the four industries most impacted by the HD revolution: Content Providers, Consumer Electronics, Service Providers and Information Technology. HANA is working to create a design guideline for secure high -definition audio -video networks that will speed the creation of new, high quality, easy to use HD products. HANA membership is open to all companies involved in the digital entertainment industry. Additional information about HANA is available at www.HANAalliance.org.

For More Information:
Lori Zielinski
lzielinski@vtm -inc.com

Liz Delapoer
ldelapoer@vtm -inc.com

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