FINAL SOUND Showcases new wall Mountable Electrostatic Speaker Panel and new line of subwoofers

New 4ft Wall Mountable Panel Great for Home Theater Designers and Installers; New Subs to Enhance the Performance of the Final Sound Electrostatic Panels

FINAL SOUND Showcases new wall Mountable Electrostatic Speaker Panel and
new line of subwoofers At CEDIA 2006

New 4ft Wall Mountable Panel Great for Home Theater Designers and Installers;

New Subs to Enhance the Performance of the Final Sound Electrostatic Panels

CEDIA 2006, DENVER, CO - September 16, 2006 - Final Sound, a full -line manufacturer of the world's lightest and flattest high -definition speakers for home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles, will showcase its newest addition to the Inverter™ line of electrostatic speakers, as well as previewing two subwoofers, designed specifically to meet the demands of the Final Sound panels. In addition, Final will also be showing several of its custom colored panels, ideal for designers that want the panels to blend in with the room's décor. The new Final Sound 300i panels, subwoofers, and the entire line will be on display in booth #744 at CEDIA 2006, Sept. 14 -17, 2006.

Final Sound 300i

The 300i is the latest electrostatic panel from Final Sound which incorporates its patented Inverter technologies. The Final 300i is a 48 -inch panel that can be mounted on a standard floor stand or optional wall mount. Because the 300i can be mounted on a wall, this speaker is ideal for home theaters with a projection screen, customers that want larger surround channels that can be discreetly hidden, or simply, the audiophile that can appreciate the clean and clear sounds of an electrostatic speaker, but is also looking for a speaker that blends in with the décor of their listening room.

"The Final Sound 300i is a great addition to our line of Inverter electrostatic speakers," said Gijsbert van den Brink, CEO of Final Sound Solutions. "Final Sound now offers a full line of electrostatic speakers, including three models that can be mounted on a wall, ranging in size from 28 -inches, up to six feet tall. We now have a panel to fit almost any installation."

The Final Sound 300i measures 48 -inches long, and eight inches wide, with a depth of only an inch. The 300i can create frequency responses of 95 Hz up to 22 kHz (+/ - 3 dB).

The 300i is the latest addition to the Inverter family of electrostatic speaker panels. This exclusive technology allows for the speakers to be driven with an amplifier with as little as 40 watts per channel, with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. The Final Sound 300i will be available in Q4 2006.

Inverter™ Technology

The Final 300i is the latest panel to be introduced to the Final Inverter Line. Final has re -engineered fundamental speaker technology to change the way both sound and power move across the face of the speaker. Where previous electrostat designs moved the audio signal across positive and negatively charged stator plates on each side of a Mylar diaphragm to "pull" the film and create the sound, the Final technology "inverts" that process by embedding the audio signal inside a sealed diaphragm to create sound energy that is clearer and far more responsive and lifelike.

The simplicity of the new inverter enables speaker impedance on all the Final Sound panels to remain well above 4 ohms across the frequency spectrum, allowing use of smaller amplifiers - as low as 35 watts - to drive the speakers. Until now, high -performance electrostatic speakers required more powerful and expensive amplifiers with 100 -200 watts per channel to adequately drive the speakers. In addition to the redesigned diaphragm, the new Final panels also feature a compact power supply that has led to significantly lower production costs for building high -end electrostatic speakers.

Final Sound Subwoofers

Final Sound has completely revamped its subwoofer line and at CEDIA, will unveil two of its new specially designed models, the S110 and S220.

With both models, a switchable High Pass Filter is able to filter out the low tones and feed the
electrostatic panels just the mid and high tones, allowing the panels to pristinely re -create the tonal areas that the panels truly excel at.

The Final S110 is an 8 -inch long throw, 100 watt RMS down firing and bass reflex subwoofer. The S110 has a frequency range of 25 Hz to 220 Hz, +/ - 3dB and a variable phase adjustment between 0 to 180 degrees and an inverting switch. The S110 is ideally suited for use with the Final 90i, 150i, or 400i panels.

The Final S220 is a 12 -inch long throw, 220 watt RMS, front firing sealed box subwoofer. The S220 has a Class T digital amplifier with a linear power supply and a variable room gain compensation. The S220 has a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz, +/ - 3dB. The S220 is ideally suited for the Final 400i, 600i, or 1000i panels.

Customized Panels

Final Sound now has the capability of taking any of its panels and having them specially painted to match the décor of any room. Final will have several examples of the customized panels on display in the booth.

"We have a customer from Italy who collects exotic sports cars," said Marc Mombourquette, director of operations for the US. "To match his collection, we specially designed a pair of panels that were 'Ferrari' red to match his car collection."

In addition to the special coloring options, Final has designed several different pedestal overlays in a variety of different materials including maple, oak, tempered glass, marble and granite.

"CEDIA 2006 marks a milestone for Final Sound as we introduce a new panel that is ideally suited to the installer/designer market, officially begin shipping our entire Inverter line of products in North America, and introduce two of our newest subwoofer designs," said van den Brink. "As we prepare for 2007, we can confidently offer a complete line of state -of -the -art electrostatic panels and subwoofer, for use in nearly any installation."

About Final Sound Solutions

Final Sound Solutions is a full -line manufacturer of the world's lightest and flattest high -definition speakers for home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles. Based in the Netherlands, the company has been an innovator in the development of advanced electrostatic speaker technology for the high -end audiophile market for more than a decade. The company completed work on breakthrough technology that created the first modular electrostatic speakers and in 2004, introduced its unique inverter technology, which completely eliminated the crossover distortion common to traditional cone speakers, creating the most natural, lifelike audio speakers in the home theater market. The patent for this inverter technology was granted in 2006.

The company received funding and now is concentrating on broadening its distribution worldwide. For more information please visit the website:

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