American Recorder Technologies Introduces pMix Personal Audio Mixer

The pMix Personal Audio Mixer™ for use with residential audio systems and for use with the Apple iPod™, satellite radio other personal audio devices. Please visit booth #721 at CEDIA EXPO.

ART President Alan Adelstein said, "This product provides unique versatility and flexibility for consumers' personal audio equipment. The pMix provides an additional three inputs in residential audio systems at virtually no cost, as well as being perfect for iPod, satellite radio or other personal audio devices, while monitoring their personal computer's audio through a single amplified speaker system."

"In addition, with the optional instrument adapter, users can play the guitar and sing along as they play their favorite music through the pMix. They can even connect up to three individual sources, each with a separate level control along with a master volume control," he added.

The pMix not only allows for full mixing of different audio sources, but will protect each individual source output signal from voltage feedback, insuring clean sound and low distortion. The amplified headphone jack will deliver superior sonic performance for private listening.

Alan said, "The pMix can be matched with our new 2.1 High Fidelity Amplified Speaker System that eliminates the need for multiple expensive stand alone docking stations."

American Recorder Technologies Quick Facts -pMix Personal Audio Mixer™:
Audio Source Inputs -3
DC Volt Input -1
Speaker Out -1
Headphone Out - -1

Alan adds, "We invite everyone to visit our booth #721 at CEDIA EXPO. We'll be there to demonstrate our new pMix™ product."
Note: 'iPod' is a trademark of Apple Computers, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries and pMix is a trademark and pMix Personal Audio Mixer is a trademark of American Recorder Technologies in the United States and/or other countries.

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