Phonex Sales Volume Increases 134%

Unit shipments of the patented Wireless Phone Jack design spike past 2005 volumes due to increased sales for satellite applications

August 22, 2006 - Salt Lake City,UT - PhonexTM (, a leading volume provider of voice and data communications over powerline, announced that unit sales during first half of 2006 for the patented Wireless Phone Jack design have increased 134% over the same period last year. The primary driver was sales for use with the installation of satellite set top boxes.

"We enjoyed a dramatic spike in the number of Wireless Phone Jack and EasyJack design products being sold for use in satellite applications," said John Knab, CEO Phonex. He continued, "Combined with achieving the milestone of 12 million devices sold in May of this year, we continue to establish our position as the highest volume and lowest cost supplier of Wireless Phone Jack products to the market."

Phonex is currently shipping fourth -generation Phone Jack designs using established, reliable powerline technology. These products operate using powerline technology rather than cordless technology that may cause interference with WiFi, Bluetooth, or cordless phones. They have been tested and approved for use by every major satellite service provider and many other DVR, modem, and fax applications. The base simply plugs into an outlet near existing phone service; the extension can be installed into another outlet in the home to create a new phone extension. There is no configuration required for voice or data use.

Wireless Phone Jack Design Features:
- Plug and play - no configuration needed for voice or data use
- High volume, fourth generation design
- Tested and approved for use by all major satellite service and DVR providers
- Security codes prevent communication with other devices
- One base unit supports up to 8 extensions
- Tested in homes up to 10,000 square feet
- Supports CallerID, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling

Through its extensive portfolio of 52 patents, Phonex is the sole source of Wireless Phone Jack and EasyJack designs for all retail OEM brands in the United States.
The Wireless Phone Jack and EasyJack designs are immediately available from satellite installers, distributors, and most mass merchant retailers nationwide.
More information can be found at or 1 -800 -437 -0101.
About Phonex
Founded in 1988, Phonex Corporation, based in Midvale, Utah, is a privately held company recognized as the world's largest supplier of powerline -based voice and data products with an install base of approximately 12 million such devices. Phonex's proprietary technologies enable telephone and data devices to communicate reliably using standard electrical wiring. The technology is protected by multiple patents.
Phonex and EasyJack are trademarks of Phonex Corporation.
Press Contact:
Roger Moore, VP Sales and Marketing
1.801.984.5033 fax

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