Affordable Designer Frame-Only Solutions for Flat Panels Available With or Without Robotic Positioning Arm for TV

Fort Lauderdale, FL. August 28, 2006 - Media Decor, LLC, the world leader in blending elegant design with AV technology, today announced its latest designer -level solutions for integrating flat panel displays with elegant home interiors. QFX Robotic Frame™ is a designer picture frame -only concealment solution featuring a remote controlled robotic arm with variable tilt and swivel functions to position the TV in the optimal, glare -free on -axis viewing angle. QF Frame™ is a non -robotic designer frame -only solution with a structure that conceals the sides of the TV and all cable interconnects.

"Media Décor continues to broaden and strengthen its line of elegant flat panel concealment solutions," said Jonathan Graham, president, Media Décor. "The new products provide integrators and their customers with affordable, aesthetically pleasing solutions while solving real -world viewing and installation problems."

The QFX features a designer picture frame housing a remote controlled robotic arm by CLO Systems that smoothly guides the flat panel TV through the mounted picture frame extending the display 10 inches past the picture frame into the room. Using the remote control, the user then adjusts the swivel (up to 20º left, 20º right) and tilt (up to 25º down, 7º up) until the optimal, glare -free, on -axis viewing angle is obtained. Two memory locations are provided to recall viewing preferences for day and night or user one and two.

Compatible with flat panel displays up to 60 inches, the design obviates the need for special ventilation making it the ideal choice for above the mantel fireplace installations.

The QF -series features a designer frame and a structure that conceals the sides of the TV and all cable interconnects. QF -series products are compatible with flat panel displays up to 65 inches.

QFX and QF feature a unique independent leveling of picture frame feature that compensates for installation errors. Cable management provisions ensure all cables remain invisible. Both products are designed for ease of installation and accommodate wall -mounted and recessed flat panel TV applications.

A selection of 24 standard picture frames is supplemented by hundreds of optional frame choices including designs from LaMarch, Roma and Larson Juhl.

Availability, Sizes and Pricing
Available now, QFX -series is designed to accommodate plasma or LCD flat panel TV's in 42 to 60 -inch sizes. Prices start at $3650.00
Available now, QF -series is designed to accommodate plasma or LCD flat panel TVs in 32 to 65 -inch sizes. Prices start at $1650.00
Each QFX and QF unit is custom built to order and will match the dimensions of the specific brand of flat panel display specified at time of order. Delivery is 2 -4 weeks after receipt of order.

About Media Decor, LLC
Florida -based Media Decor, LLC was founded in 2003 to fill the growing demand for elegant designer -level solutions for today's home entertainment installations. Its team of expert and inspired technicians, interior designers and structural craftsmen collaborate to create and deliver the world's most compelling, beautiful and customized entertainment environments. For more information on Media Decor and its service and product offerings please visit


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