EDT Takes i -LiNE Overseas - Introducing i -LiNE 230V System

Electronic Design Technology (EDT), manufacturer of the popular i-LiNE Lighting Control System, has announced the addition of the 230 Volt System to be compatible with International Standards.

The Universal Switch

EDT responds to an increasing demand to develop a hardwired intelligent lighting control system that is compatible with 230V power.

The standard in the United States has traditionally been 110V 60hz power. The standard held by most of Europe, Asia, South America as well as many other regions around the world is 230V 50 Hz power. The creates a challenge in exchanging electronic control applications between the U.S. and abroad. Unfortunately, establishing a universal standard is not on the agenda.

EDT's solution is to introduce the i -LiNE system in a 230 volt 50Hz version. The U.S. may be leading the way in home automation and lighting control technology but the rest of the world is not too far behind. They too see the benefits of intelligent lighting control. Convenience, security, and energy management are all areas receiving attention abroad.

The new switches will be designed to power 230V without sacrificing the look and quality of i -LiNE. With the creation of EDT's universal switch the rest of the world can now enjoy the convenience and reliability of the i -LiNE system.

i -LiNE vs. Powerline

To put it bluntly, powerline carriers of intelligent lighting control are simply unreliable. Sure, systems such as X -10 and UPB have come a long way in improving their original designs but they still remain inferior to that of a hardwired Cat5 system.

i -LiNE is a hardwired system using Cat5 wiring. The network is distributed among all devices as opposed to using an expensive centralized controller. This allows for fast and direct communication between all switches.

Communicating over the i -LiNE network eliminates distortion, interruption, and noise of any kind making the system 100% reliable. No other lighting control system can say the same.

It is for this reason why there has been an increasing international demand for i -LiNE. In places such as Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America the power lines can be "dirty" and can be filled with noise which creates unreliable communication. Additionally, fluctuating power is not uncommon resulting in surges that can cause a complete system failure on a powerline network. Consequently, offering a powerline carrier system is out of the question for many international customers interested in intelligent lighting control.

So, why choose i -LiNE?

The i -LiNE lighting control system provides entertainment, security, convenience, and energy management features. Best of all, this innovative technology is becoming more affordable making it possible to brighten up a dream home without breaking the bank.

The i -LiNE system was recently featured in the 2005 HGTV Dream Home in Tyler, Texas and the new homeowners love it!

i -LiNE features...

· 100% reliable hardwired Cat5 network
· Daisy -chain; no expensive central controller
· Complex scene capability; up to 256 scenes
- Set the perfect mood with one touch
- Program an all -off button
· Integrate with security system
- Program entry way and interior lights to turn on as you approach your home
- Set timers to simulate someone being home
· Each device is intelligent
- auto -configuration
- ease of installation
· More than just lighting control
- control of ceiling fans, garages doors & gates, blind & shade, motion detectors & timers, and many other functions.
· Save up to 35% on utility bill
- Auto control lighting
- Program temperature control settings

For more information and ordering please contact EDT Sales Dept.

(903) 753 -4180 ext 204

or visit our website at www.edt.biz

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