TRIBUTARIES® Debuts Custom Installation Wall -Plate System

Innovative design reduces installer inventory requirements and minimizes on-site delays.

Orlando, FL -August 15, 2006 -TRIBUTARIES® Cable, an established leader in wire and cabling for high -performance home theater and audio/video systems, is debuting an innovative, inventory -efficient concept in installation cabling hardware. The Florida firm's new Totally Modular Connector Insert System allows custom installers to cut down dramatically on small -parts inventory and jobsite complications, while maintaining the very high quality and reliability of connections and terminations for which Tributaries is known.

Formerly, preparing installers for any combination of RF/cable/satellite, audio, and video connector -termination work in any of just the four commonest housing colors (white, ivory, almond, black), required, at a minimum, no fewer than 64 separate component items at a minimum. But now, Tributaries' Totally Modular system strips this down to just twelve inventory items, dramatically reducing capital -tie -up, storage, and install complexity.

The Totally Modular concept breaks down wall -plate install elements into three basic units: connectors (gold - or nickel -plated); connector -housings (white, almond, ivory, or black), and standard or Decora™ wall plates, (standard in the same four colors, Decora in ivory or white only), each in a range of openings and/or single or dual -gang layouts.
Totally Modular elements assemble rapidly and easily, using installers' existing, standard -format crimping and stripping tools -and each terminal accepts a colored -coded O -ring, available in a broad range of hues, to identify and track functions, feeds, or channels.

The installers simply preps the wire or cable, crimps on the color -coded connector housing, the connector itself, and then snaps together connector -housing, and wall -plate to form a finished termination, frequently in under a minute.

Totally Modular Connectors: RG6, RG59; F -type (gold - or nickel -plated); RCA: (gold - or nickel -plated) accepts color -coded O -rings; BNC: (gold - or nickel -plated) accepts color -coded O -rings

Totally Modular Connector Housings: White, Almond, Ivory, Black.

Totally Modular Standard Wall Plates: Almond, Black, Ivory, White, in single, double, triple, quad and hex openings

Totally Modular Decora Wall Plates (two -part, frame + insert): Ivory, White in single -gang and dual -gang; single -, double -, triple -, and quad -openings.

All components of Tributaries' Totally Modular Connector Insert System are available immediately.

Established in 1991 in Orlando, Florida, TRIBUTARIES® Cable is an acknowledged leader in the design, production and distribution of high -quality audio and video interconnect cables, speaker wires and electronics. The company prides itself on its customer service, and has won the CE Industry magazine "Inside Track" Supplier Loyalty Awards a total of nine times in the past ten years.

TRIBUTARIES® Cable is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gordon J. Gow Technologies, Inc.

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