OmniMount is all "EARs" at 2006 CEDIA Expo with New Flat Panel Speaker Mounts

OmniMount's Innovative "EARs" are the Complete Speaker Mounting Solutions for Cantilever-Mounted Flat Panel Applications

Phoenix, Ariz., Aug. 14, 2006 - OmniMount Systems ( will be all "EARs" at the 2006 CEDIA Expo, held from Sept. 14 -17 in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center, booth 551, where it will debut its new line of flat panel mounting solutions. The EAR -S and EAR -C have been specifically designed to allow flat panel speakers to be attached to cantilevers that are holding flat panels so the speakers stay uniform with the mounted televisions even when extended away from the wall.

"Up until now, flat panel speakers had to be mounted to the wall and would not move with the flat panel if it was mounted to a cantilever mount, resulting in less than optimal sound quality," said Brett Stenhouse, OmniMount VP of Marketing. "OmniMount has changed all of that by creating a unique mounting accessory that tackles this problem. The new EAR -S and EAR -C Flat Panel Speaker Mounts are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the large and extra -large cantilever mounts. Left and right speakers can be attached directly to the universal adaptor plate supplied with OmniMount products such as the UCL -L, UCL -X universal cantilever mounts or the G3FP flat panel floor stand."

OmniMount's unique EAR -S and EAR -C mounting accessories allow for optimal sound quality as the viewing angle of a flat panel is changed. The EAR -S is for the installation of left and right speakers. Both mounts ship in a single package, and include cable management capabilities. The EAR -C is for the installation of center channel speakers, to provide a full L, C, R array for the flat panel. Additionally, the EAR -C can be used by itself to mount one the new five channel speaker bars, to produce an integrated surround system. Specifications include:

• Ships as a complete pair of mounts
• Not necessary to remove the flat panel to install speaker mounts, so they can be retro -fit after the initial installation
• Includes complete hardware to mount most flat panel speakers
• Includes adapters for different size speakers
• Fully adjustable to integrate well with most flat panel TVs
• Integrated cable management

• Simple three -piece design takes only minutes to install
• Not necessary to remove TV to install speaker mount, so it can be retro -fitted after the initial installation
• Includes complete hardware to mount most flat panel speakers
• Includes adapters for different size speakers

"The EAR -S and EAR -C mounts provide maximum value, due to their incredible flexibility, installation ease, and very cost effective pricing," Stenhouse added. "These speaker mounts provide increased integration capabilities by providing an elegant solution for utilizing flat panel speakers with the popular cantilever style TV mounts."

Pricing for the EAR -S (per pair) is $99.95, while the EAR -C is $59.95.

OmniMount is based in Phoenix, Ariz. For nearly 30 years, OmniMount products have been recognized for groundbreaking design, the highest quality, and long term reliability. Today, OmniMount offers hundreds of mounting solutions to meet the needs of nearly any application. From mounting the smallest to the largest of speakers, to any size or shape of CRT or LCD television, and an elegant line of stylish and functional furniture, OmniMount offers a wide variety of products to maximize the Home Theater experience. Visit

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