75th Patent Filing Addresses Interference and Spectrum Efficiency for MIMO Implementations

Denver, Colo. - July 31, 2006 - TensorComm, Inc. (www.tensorcomm.com), a wireless technology company and pioneer in spectral efficiency solutions, announced today its 75th patent filing related to interference cancellation. This addition to TensorComm's IP portfolio addresses the application of its Interference Cancellation Technology (ICT(tm)) to networks deploying MIMO.

ICT is the first field -proven and most cost -effective solution for overcoming interference in wireless networks. TensorComm's ICT is specifically designed to improve the performance and data throughput of 3G networks (CDMA2000®1X/1xEV -DO and WCDMA/HSDPA) and is now positioned to apply the same types of benefits to emerging 4G networks.

ICT's technological breakthrough is the result of TensorComm's efforts to continually evolve its unique interference cancellation solutions, designed to operate in both mobile devices and base stations across multiple communication protocols. The company's current ICT solution is a receiver technology that cancels interference from all traffic channels, and from all interfering sources. TensorComm's advanced baseband solution for single - and multiple -antenna receivers addresses the challenging interference conditions found in emerging data networks.

The value of TensorComm's dramatic increases in spectral efficiency will be highlighted as the upcoming advanced wireless services (AWS) spectrum auctions are expected to generate over $10B. The escalating value of limited spectrum reinforces the industry's desire for economical solutions that can improve the spectral efficiency of wireless networks. With the advent of data applications, operators are further challenged to meet consumer expectations while accommodating higher volumes of traffic.

"While next -generation technologies, such as HSxPA, 3G LTE and WiMAX can meaningfully increase network throughput capabilities, bandwidth is still a limited resource that operators never have enough of," stated Michael Thelander of Signals Research Group, LLC. "Further, since these next -generation technologies support bandwidth -intensive applications, consumers will have a greater propensity to use these networks for their mobile data needs. Cost efficient solutions, such as TensorComm's interference cancellation solutions, can meaningfully enhance the capabilities of these networks while minimizing the operator's future CapEx requirements."

Recently, TensorComm conducted evaluations on multiple commercial WCDMA/HSDPA networks worldwide to characterize current network conditions for 3G voice and data networks. The resulting analysis highlights the prevalence of interference on wireless networks, and it further validates ICT's ability to improve spectral efficiency where other technologies are not as effective. To date, TensorComm has proven in field trials that ICT mitigates network interference, providing operators with the ability to offer higher data rates, increased capacity and improved coverage. This ultimately translates to a superior consumer experience, along with attractive network economic benefits for operators.

"Interference cancellation solutions must be implemented as operators face the challenge of improving network performance and efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction," says Dr. John Thomas, founder and CEO of TensorComm. "TensorComm is actively working with operators and their suppliers to apply ICT and gain more efficient use of wireless spectrum in 3G and 4G networks. The most important effect of ICT is the delivery of higher data rates over a wider coverage area."

About Tensorcomm

TensorComm, Inc. is a privately held wireless technology company that offers a breakthrough interference cancellation technology that uniquely addresses the challenges of wireless network capacity, data throughput and performance of CDMA2000 and WCDMA terminals, allowing operators to utilize their spectrum more efficiently. TensorComm's globally recognized experts in CDMA/WCDMA signal processing have positioned the company as a leader in interference cancellation solutions. The company launched its technology in March 2005, and has since gained broad interest from mobile operators around the world due to its compelling economic benefits and increased network capacity and performance. Since its inception, TensorComm has continued to advance its foundations in research, development and the optimization of ICT(tm) for 3G and 4G networks.

For more information, please visit the company's website at www.tensorcomm.com

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