Pandora Dominates Listening Hours on Slim Devices\' Squeezebox

Internet radio listening expands outside of the office and into the home; and increases during evenings and on weekends.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 18 /PRNewswire/ - - Today, Slim Devices announced that the Pandora music service commands a greater than 50% share of Internet radio listening hours on its Squeezebox network music player. Pandora listeners stay connected longer to the music service than to other Internet radio stations, confirming that personalized radio changes how and where listeners enjoy music delivered over the internet.

Pandora is a pioneer in offering compelling personalized radio. By entering the name of a favorite song or artist into the search box, Pandora creates a custom radio stream based on songs with musical similarities. Coupled with the Squeezebox, the result is an unlimited number of personalized, commercial -free streams delivered to a user's Hi -Fi.
Internet radio listening has traditionally peaked around noon, which highlights that the medium has historically been an "in -the -office" experience. Squeezebox is shifting these Internet radio listening patterns by providing consumers an easy way to connect their home stereo to the Internet, thereby enabling listening outside of the workplace. Listening to Internet radio via the Squeezebox peaks between 7 pm and 10 pm EST on weekdays, with weekend listening hours 20% higher than weekday listening hours.
Slim Devices and Pandora have been inundated with positive emails from customers. "I absolutely love my new Squeezebox," wrote Seth Rosen from New York City. "The Pandora integration is very simple. I had it running in less than a minute." Thierry Tacheny wrote, "Listening to Pandora through Squeezebox is a real true pleasure. I've been waiting for this for a long time."
Squeezebox v3 and Squeezebox2 owners can listen for free to Pandora for 90 -days. Customers can continue their Pandora service for only $36 per year.

About Slim Devices™
Slim Devices, founded in 2000, is the worldwide pioneer of network entertainment products for users of the Internet and personal computers. Slim Devices' innovative hardware and Open Source software are setting the standard for an exciting new product category. The Slim Devices logo and Squeezebox are trademarks or registered trademarks of Slim Devices, Inc.

About Pandora Media™
Launched on August 29, 2005, Pandora's online music service ( ) is based on the Music Genome Project, which began in 2000 and is the most thorough analysis of popular music ever undertaken. Each song in this massive collection, which covers Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop, Country, Blues, R&B, and Latin, is analyzed by a trained musician along 400 distinct musical attributes (such as melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) to capture its unique musical identity. Music lovers need only enter the name of their favorite song or artist and Pandora does the rest - - creating a tailored stream of songs that share key musical characteristics launching a personalized listening experience, full of new discovery across the genome. Listeners can create up to 100 of these online radio stations, refine them by providing feedback and even email them to friends.

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