Olive® expands capacity of music server line to up to 750 GB.

Olive® expands capacity of music server line - 750 GB version holds up to 2,100 CDs in lossless quality.

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Olive® expands capacity of music server line - 750 GB version holds up to 2,100 CDs in lossless quality.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - July 19th, 2006 - Olive Media Products, Inc., a developer of innovative digital audio systems, today announced new versions of its award -winning music server line. Olive®'s popular MUSICA now comes with 160 and 250 GB capacities, allowing users to store up to 65,000 songs in MP3 quality. The new OPUS, Olive®'s professional line for audiophiles, is now available with 400, 500 and 750 GB. The 750 GB version holds up to 2,100 CDs in lossless quality.

"Music plays an important role in most of our lives, and our taste and preference evolve over time." said Robert Altmann, Vice President of Olive Media Products, Inc. "At a certain point in our life our digital music library will exceed the available space, and the necessity to erase music to make room for new acquisitions can put us in a serious dilemma. After all, most of us associate unique memories and emotions with our music."

Olive®'s new music servers provide abundant capacity for future music purchases, and allow users to store more of their music in lossless quality. Like their smaller family members, all Olive® music servers are designed to run completely silent without a fan, a key distinguishing feature in this market. In addition, the high -end OPUS line uses a sophisticated frame concept with 8 individual bearings to cancel out the natural vibration -and the resulting hum - of the hard drive.

Pricing and Availability
Olive®'s MUSICA 160 GB is available for US$1,099, the 250 GB version for US$1,499. The new OPUS sells at US$2,999 (400 GB), US$3,499 (500 GB) and US$3,999 (750 GB).

Products are available through certified resellers or directly by phone (1.877.BY.OLIVE) and online at www.olive.us.

About Olive Media Poducts
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Olive® is a privately held company driven by a team of music aficionados with a vision to create the perfect audio experience. With a deep understanding of audio and convergence technology Olive® solutions deliver the best of both worlds, combining high fidelity sound and innovative features with intuitive navigation and attractive design. For more information about Olive® and its many fine products visit www.olive.us or call 1.877.BY.OLIVE.

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Olive Corporate Communications
Telephone: (415) 908 3870
E -mail: communication@olive.us

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