Windy City Wire unveils SmartWire System Design Tool

The SmartWire System Design Tool allows for one person to design and create a low voltage installation and labeling scheme in minutes. The new program organizes the job plan for the contractor.

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CHICAGO, IL (June 21st, 2006) - Windy City Wire has recently unveiled the
SmartWire System Design Tool, a service two years in the making. The
SmartWire System Design Tool is the industry's state of the art, patent
pending technology. It allows for one person to design and create a low
voltage installation scheme in minutes.

The new technology enables its users to identify applications,
apply devices, pick cables, identify locations, and create a marking and
labeling scheme with a few short clicks on the website. The Windy City Wire
sales professionals and staff are creating the job plans for their clients
or allowing the clients to build their own job plans at their own
convenience. When an order is made using the System Design Tool, all cable
boxes and spools arrive with a scheme to identify the applications, devices,
locations and addresses needed to complete each individual job. Customers
can also create customized labels as well using the System Design Tool.
Windy City Wire has created training seminars to keep all technicians up to
date with the latest technology.

Windy City Wire has been operating for 12 years. Their flagship product is
"SmartWire™," which is a low -voltage wire and cable product that has the
qualities of a tape measure, tester, toner and a label maker. Windy City
Wire serves many types of system contractors including: Security, Access
Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm, and Home Automation. For more information visit .

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