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Introduction of a full line of 'Made for iPod®' products that focus on High Performance Sound, Quality and Added Features.

St. Louis, Missouri - July 10, 2006 - iLive, the creator and supplier of some of the most innovative, highly featured, and trend setting 'Made for iPod®' products, today announced its official entry into the consumer electronics marketplace. Specializing in acoustically calibrated sound performance products, the company is currently shipping its first line of 'Made for iPod®' products to major retail outlets across the United States.

'We expect to fit squarely in the middle of the product sector for iPod gear, both with technology and feature sets while focusing on a clean, high quality sounding product,' said Bill Fetter, CEO for iLive. 'Our iLive line will play and re -charge the full iPod line of products. Our customers are the discerning people who demand the most for their electronics dollar. They want stylish, fully featured products that have add -on features as well as being functionally easy to use.'

Just in time for both summer fun, and back -to -school planning, the company's first products are now available on retail shelves nationwide. iLive's first offerings include:

· a stylish, portable boom box with iPod docking platform that adds a slot load CD player, AM/FM radio and two subwoofers for enhanced bass sound
· a desktop speaker system with iPod docking platform, perfect for an office or dorm room
· a fully featured dual alarm clock radio with iPod docking platform and remote control
· a powerhouse 2.1 -channel audio iPod docking platform home music system with a built -in DVD player and AM/FM stereo - a one -stop home entertainment system to fit today's lifestyles
· and a clean, sleek under -kitchen -cabinet AM/FM radio with iPod docking platform and full recharge capabilities for the iPod.

About iLive
A division of a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, iLive designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of 'Made for iPod®'' products. The company's in -house team of industrial designers and electronics engineers combine the most innovative and performance -driven feature sets with trendy and unique designs focusing on today's shapes and exterior fashion. iLive delivers maximum audio/video performance with visual impact. iLive products are found at regional and national retail outlets. For more information on iLive and its iPod 'partner' line, please visit


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Featured Product

MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

Use for any Low Voltage Cabling, A/V, Telecom, Data, Networking Ideal for : Sound Bars & Wall Speakers • Home Theater Cabling • A/V Furniture The SPEEDPORT™ is incredibly versatile and is ideal for wall mounted box speakers, sound bars and wireless access devices mounted in ceilings. It can accommodate almost any device needed to be hung on a wall or ceiling with cable pass thru and mounting. The ultra low profile design features a rubber grommet insert for bulk cable pass thru. Two mounting screws are hidden behind the grommet and offer a clean, unobtrusive presentation. Installation is quick & simple using a hole saw and attaches to acoustical ceiling tiles and/or gypsum board. Reducing labor and a whole lot of mess from hand cutting large rectangular holes - Low voltage brackets are no longer needed. Just cut your hole in the desired location, insert SPEEDPORT™ and tighten adjustable mounting arms to fasten securely.