ELP Brings World\'s Only Laser Turntable to North America

ELP offcially launches the official demonstration series of its patented Laser Turntable in the United States in Canada. After selling a milestone 1000 units, the Japanese corporation has expanded its presence into the United States.

ELP Corporation Introduces World's Only Laser Turntable to US and Canada

ELP's revolutionary Laser Turntable lets vinyl record enthusiasts revitalize their collections with superb sound quality while keeping records in pristine condition

Miami, Florida - May 19th, 2006 - ELP Corporation, a leading Japanese audiophile innovator, officially introduces its revolutionary Laser Turntable to the North American consumer marketplace, launched by a series of nation -wide demonstrations. Retailing for $15,000, the Laser Turntable employs patented technology that produces phenomenal fidelity while never physically touching the record, thus eliminating the deterioration to the album's surface inflicted by conventional turntables. The laser's precision allows you to pick up audio information that has never been touched or damaged by a needle. This virgin audio information is then reproduced without digitization maintaining true analog sound as close as possible to when the master tape was recorded. The Laser Turntable even allows you to play records that have been severely warped or damaged over years of wear and tear. It also comes equipped with a remote control that allows you to pause and scan the record much like a CD player.
Sanju Chiba, President of the ELP Corporation remarks that "After sustained success and growth in the Japanese market and having reached the milestone of 1,000 units sold in 2005, ELP is excited to strengthen its presence in North America. With between 20 and 30 billion vinyl records still being preserved worldwide, we recognize that there remains a large faction of music enthusiasts who prefer the warm, analog sound of a turntable. We fully believe that the Laser Turntable will offer vinyl fans an innovative solution to revitalize their record collections and relive their favorite music with a fidelity and longevity that conventional turntables can't provide. The Laser Turntable is also a phenomenal piece of equipment for professional recording studios, broadcasting stations, records stores, libraries, museums, universities, other institutions looking to research rare recordings and preserve their content," adds Chiba.

The ELP Corporation will be conducting monthly demos in cities across the United States and Canada where potential customers can test out their own records on the Laser Turntable. The first demonstration will be held in Miami towards the end of June. To request more information on these demonstrations or product information and images please contact Public Relations representative Matt Shumate at (305) 576 -1171 x15 or by e -mail at mattshumate@maxborges.com.

For more information on the ELP Laser Turntable, go to http://www.laserturntable.com/main.html

About ELP Corporation
Based near Tokyo, Japan, ELP Corporation has been manufacturing the Laser Turntable since they acquired the patent rights in 1989. The company was started with the underlying philosophy that new technology shouldn't only be used to advance new products, but also to revitalize old products that are still valuable. Since then music aficionados, professional musicians, record stores, archivists, recording studios, and libraries have enjoyed pristine sound of the Laser Turntable while keeping their collection in immaculate condition. They also recently introduced the ELP Declicker($2,800) which works with any turntable to reduce clicking noise in real time without the assistance of a computer.

Media Contact:

Matt Shumate
Account Executive
Max Borges Marketing Solutions
3550 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 501
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 576 -1171 x15

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