SiConnect and devolo powerline leaders to join Net -atHome™2006!

Homega Research is very pleased today to announce that two leading companies involved in powerline technologies have joined Net-atHome™2006 as new sponsors: SiConnect has signed up as a Gold Sponsor, while devolo joined as a Silver Sponsor.

About SiConnect (

SiConnect provides market leading powerline communications (PLC) technology for home networking applications. Its innovative silicon and software solutions enable existing domestic electrical wiring to be used to transport audio, video, voice and data throughout the home. Working in partnership with the world's blue chip telecommunication operators, cable companies and consumer electronics manufacturers, SiConnect is creating new benchmarks for PLC technology that achieve all capacity, reliability, ease of use and cost point goals. To date, more than 150 man years has been invested in the company's PLC technology. SiConnect is a fabless semiconductor company based in Swindon in the UK. SiConnect is a member of the Home Gateway Initiative and IEEEP1901.
About devolo (
After its foundation in 2002, the Aachen, Germany -based devolo AG very quickly became the worldwide market leader for HomePlug -based home -networking solutions. As a specialist for home -networking solutions based on products developed in -house and of the highest quality, devolo was the first company to achieve success in the marketing of dLAN products.
With already on board market leaders such as DS2, SPiDCOM Technologies and the PLCforum Association, powerline technologies promise to be a hot topic of Net -atHome™2006, both through the exhibition area and the conference program. For more information on how you can get involved in Net -atHome™2006, please contact us at info@net Do not miss the June 30 deadline to take advantage of early bird conditions offered to attendees and sponsors!

Featured Product

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

The WaterCop family of products continues to grow! We now offer Z-wave technology that allows remote control of a home's main water supply via phone or internet. It's perfect for people who want peace of mind that they can shut off water in homes from nearly anywhere using Z-wave protocol. Z-wave joins systems WaterCop Pro, LeakStop, WaterCop Classic, Outdoor, and Large Valve (1 ½"-4") Integration. Visit to learn more.