Remote Controlled On-Wall Mounting Solution Boasts Variable Tilt, Swivel and Telescopic Functions Allowing the Widest Range of Glare-Free On-Axis Viewing and Mounting Locations-

Santa Ana, CA. June 22, 2006 - K2 Mounts, an industry leader in advanced mounting solutions for flat panel displays today announced X -arm™ based on technology from CLO Systems. X -arm is a programmable remote controlled robotic arm designed to eliminate glare and reflection by allowing the user to adjust the variable tilt, swivel and telescopic functions while seated in the viewing position. Incremental remote adjustments permit users to obtain the optimum glare -free viewing angle quickly and easily from any viewing location in the room. Versatile tilt up/down and swivel range provides unparalleled mounting location possibilities. X -arm sits flush to wall (4.6") when retracted and stows the display upright eliminating any possibility of trapping heat in the upper bezel of the display due to tilt down mounting on fireplaces.

Designed with attention to form and function, X -arm features easy, intuitive operation. At the touch of a button on the provided universal remote control or via a RS -232 controlled touch panel, X -arm smoothly extends the TV 12 inches from the wall allowing the viewer to adjust the swivel left/right range of motion from 20 to 28 (depending on display size) in either direction and tilt range up to 25 down and 7 up until the optimum, glare -free viewing angle is obtained and stored. Two programmable memory locations are provided to recall viewing preferences.

"X -arm effortlessly eliminates glare and reflection problems while the remote tilt down, telescopic and swivel functions quickly adjust the optimal on -axis viewing angle to accommodate seated viewing, floor viewing or both positions simultaneously" said Tony Grasso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for K2 Mounts. "X -arm's vast range of motion allows users unparalleled mounting location options while maintaining optimum on -axis viewing from any seat in the room".

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Invisible from the front of the TV, X -arm is suitable for flat panel displays between 40 and 61 inch sizes (up to 180 pounds). X -arm is easily installed in the same manner as any conventional manual wall mounting unit. A universal mounting attachment kit is provided to facilitate easy coupling with the flat
panel display. In the retracted position, the TV is unobtrusive, residing a mere 4.6 inches from the wall.

A universal IR remote control is provided to control the X -arm as well as other AV components. X -arm is compatible with RS -232 -based control systems from AMX, Crestron and other leading control systems making X -Arm a true home automation system. Cable management provisions include concealment via a bellows located behind the display. The bellows also prohibits foreign objects from interfering with the movement of the actuators.

Availability, Sizes and Pricing
Available now, K2 is currently partnering with leading retailers nationwide. X -arm is designed to accommodate plasma or LCD flat panel TV's in 40 to 61 -inch sizes. MSRP is $1995.00

About K2 Mounts
Santa Ana, CA -based K2 is a division of TV Mounting Brackets, Inc. K2 is a leading manufacturer of motorized and manual high -performance flat panel mounting solutions for home and commercial installations. Providing highly specialized mounting solutions for almost every conceivable installation and application, K2 products are backed by a free 10k component assurance and global support.
For more information on K2 Mounts, please visit www.k2mounts.com

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