New ZVOX 325 single -cabinet surround system

Sophisticated new amplifier design & improved subwoofer for performance equal to expensive, highly-complicated home theater systems.

Swampscott, Massachusetts, June 1, 2006 -The rapidly -growing field of single -cabinet audio solutions for televisions has a bold new entry from a company that was a pioneer in the category. ZVOX Audio has targeted high -priced multi -speaker systems with their new Model 325 single -cabinet surround sound system. It features high -performance speakers, a sophisticated amplifier, powered subwoofer and PhaseCue™ virtual surround technology all in a box only 17" wide. The 325 is priced at $349.99.

"Millions of people are buying cool new flat -panel TVs -only to discover that their sound is as flat as their pictures," says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. "But the appeal of flat -panel sets lies in their sleek, minimalist design. Nobody wants to mess that up with a bunch of speakers and wires. Our new ZVOX 325 delivers performance on par with expensive multi -speaker systems…but from a one small cabinet. It's the perfect way to add great sound to a flat panel TV."

Designed by veteran speaker engineer Winslow Burhoe, of the ZVOX 325 includes the following features:

• Small size: 17" x 16" x 5". It's the same width as a standard sized DVD player.
• Easy hookup - only one connecting wire.
• Simple operation -the "owner's manual" fits on one sheet of paper.
• Three precision -made 3.25" full -range speaker drivers in a PhaseCue™ array.
• ZVOX exclusive PhaseCue virtual surround system creates an ultra -wide soundstage -so it sounds like you are listening to speakers 8 feet apart from each other. PhaseCue system also generates virtual surround effects with movie soundtracks - without rear or side speakers.

• High -excursion 4"x6" powered subwoofer in bandpass cabinet designed with proprietary ZVOX software.

• Sophisticated amplification system that combines the benefits of electronic contouring and bi -amplification with special limiter circuits that prevent distortion.

• Front -panel input that allows the user to override the rear inputs so he/she can listen to an iPod® or other portable audio system.

• Credit card sized remote control for volume up/down and muting.

The latest in a series of anti -complicated audio systems, the 325 sets new standards of performance for simple, single -box home theater solutions. Its combination of high output level, strong bass response, small cabinet size and affordable price make it the ideal audio solution for flat -panel TVs 22" -50" in size.

ZVOX one -box audio systems sound great, fit anywhere and are ultra -simple to use. Our exclusive PhaseCue™ and Infinite Compliance™ technologies create an extremely wide, room -filling soundstage comparable to large systems with speakers 10 -12 feet apart from each other. Our PhaseCue circuitry creates clearly -audible "virtual surround sound" effects with many movie soundtracks. But ZVOX systems can be as small as the average cable box - only 17" wide. Their built -in powered subwoofers deliver terrific, realistic bass for movies or movie soundtracks.
You can connect the ZVOX 325 system to a TV, DVD player, CD player, iPod® or other MP3 player, satellite radio, clock radio or PC - anything with audio outputs or a headphone jack - and get wonderful, accurate, room -filling sound.

Available Now in Silver or Black finish
Suggested Retail Price: $349.99

About ZVOX Audio.
ZVOX Audio is a collaboration of long -time industry veterans Tom Hannaher and Winslow Burhoe. Tom started at Best Buy (Sound of Music) in 1971, where he was Director of Advertising. In 1976 he moved to Advent Corporation, the pioneering audio/video manufacturer, where he was Marketing & Advertising Manager. In the 1980s, Tom created advertising and marketing programs for Tweeter, Apple Computer, NAD, Kloss Video and Cambridge SoundWorks. In 1993 he was hired as Senior Vice President -Marketing for Cambridge SoundWorks, where he was responsible for product development.
Winslow began his career working with Edgar Vilchur at Acoustic Research, then moved on to KLH. In 1969, he founded EPI Loudspeakers, one of the leading audio companies of the 1970s. He invented the inverted -dome tweeter at EPI, a product concept still in wide use today. He went on to design speakers for Genesis, Nuance, Burhoe Acoustics and Direct Acoustics.

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