GoldenRAM Revolutionizes Computer Industry

Dirty secret of the industry: your computer isn't outdated - just out-configured; save thousands for pennies on the dollar

IRVINE, Calif. (June 13, 2006) - GoldenRAM Inc. (, a global leader in computer upgrades, accessories and services, today announced the launch of its patent -pending software technology that provides both consumers and corporate users with a clear (and guaranteed compatible) path to computer and peripheral upgrades. Called UpgradeDetect, this one -click tool will perform a detailed inspection of a computer system , analyzing over 3000 pieces of data down to the chip level, and will finish with a complete report listing suggested upgrades, including exact part numbers from which to choose. By so doing, users are freed from compatibility issues and concerns over available memory slots, upgrade configurations or any of the other model -specific problems that commonly arise when trying to upgrade. In addition, users can purchase online at prices that average thirty to forty -percent less than retail and can chose to have a certified technician perform the upgrade on -site, for an upfront, fixed price - in as fast as one hour from time of request. The UpgradeDetect software is free to consumers and corporate users and can be found on the company's Web site or by going to

The Need
The dirty secret of the computer industry is that corporate profits are based on users believing that the "state -of -the -art" computer sold to them a few years ago is now outdated and worthless. It is a selling cycle called "planned obsolescence" and, while it is keeping computer manufacturers happy, it sends mixed and often erroneous signals to consumers. For most PC users, their current system is more than adequate when properly configured. Furthermore, the cost difference between upgrading an existing system and buying a new one is substantial.

UpgradeDetect not only offers users a comprehensive list of suggested computer upgrades, it also alerts users if their system's oft -unprotected Serial Presence Detect (SPD) chip is at risk for virus. Most RAM memory modules have an SPD chip that allows the computer to determine how much and what type of memory is onboard the RAM module. The problem is that, in the vast majority of systems, the SPD chip is not write -protected - meaning a virus could potentially make the computer unusable by over -writing information contained in the SPD chip. UpgradeDetect will scan down to the chip level to determine if the user has write -protected virus -free RAM.

The Opportunity
With Windows Vista on the horizon, GoldenRAM is gearing up for rapid expansion as computer upgrades in preparation for Vista represent a sizeable market opportunity. GoldenRAM will train a network of Technology Advisors to actively promote UpgradeDetect as part of a unique and lucrative commission -based program. Technology Advisor trainings will be offered initially in Irvine, California, and will be expanding nationwide throughout the year.

Those interested in this financially -rewarding home -based business opportunity can contact GoldenRAM directly at or call 800 -222 -8861. In addition, certified computer technicians interested in joining the team of over 977,000 nationwide experts can contact

About GoldenRAM Computer Products Inc.
GoldenRAM opened for business in April 1988 and has been in business for over 17 -years. Since inception, they have sold over $984 -million in computer upgrades, including RAM, hard drives, DVDs, CPUs and flash storage solutions. With dramatic growth through 1995, GoldenRAM achieved cumulative revenues of $179 million memory and drive upgrades.

Since then, the company has been developing and perfecting their revolutionary software, UpgradeDetect®. Developed entirely in the US and using only US citizens to build the company's systems and tools, GoldenRAM is one of the few remaining computer peripheral companies that only manufactures its products in the USA. GoldenRAM operates no overseas manufacturing facilities.

Founded by Christ (Chris) Zomaya, the corporate team is staffed by senior executives, many of whom have been with the company throughout its 15 year rise.

Current sales are comprised of memory modules (60 -percent) and drive kits (40 -percent) and are sold through resellers both local and nationwide.

Significant corporate timeline events include:

- 1988 - Founded, selling RAM and computer drive upgrades
- 1993 - Became a manufacturer of RAM and drive upgrades
- 1996 - Moved into current facilities (42,000 sq. ft.)
- 1996 - Achieved ISO 9000 certification
- 1996 - Chris Zomaya named Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year
- 1997 - Began development of UpgradeDetect® and the automation of key business processes
- 1998 - Achieved QS 9000 and AS 9000 certification
- 1999 - Achieved GSA certification
- 2000 - Implemented JD Edwards ERP system to integrate all departments
- 2001 - Filed for UpgradeDetect® patent
- 2003 - Received UpgradeDetect® patent
- 2004 - Developed Technology Advisor program
- 2005 - Acquired, a network of 950,000 service technicians
- 2006 - UpgradeDetect® launched

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