The Net -atHome Conference program now available!

Homega Research is very pleased today to unveil the Net-atHome™2006 conference program!

Built upon the basis of very selective criteria, the Net -atHome™2006 conference program provides the most complete vision of Connected Home markets and issues and enables to discuss the most valuable strategies for the coming years. Featuring high -level speakers from the most active, innovative and strategic players in the domain, this year's Net -atHome conference program will allow attendees to address all the current connected home markets key issues:

- Session 1, "Get Ready to address global market",
A not -to -be -missed session to learn about key players visions and experiences of the connected home markets globalization.

- Session 2, "From Home control to entertainment: leading -edge solutions for Today"
A panel of specialists representing the wealth of applications and solutions available (including surveillance, energy savings and comfort, home control and automation, Internet access, and A/V distribution) has been selected for a great opportunity to explore the global vision of markets and, more specifically, discover how all the pieces of the connected home puzzle fit today.

- Session 3, "Just listen to what consumers want!'
This session is back by popular demand after its success at Net -atHome™2005. Moderated by a specialist, the panel of consumers will reveal what is really needed!

- Session 4, "Today's home of the future"
A new feature for this year's Net -atHome™! A 2006 "Home of the Future" will be presented, not consisting of a home with solutions that may be envisaged in 3, 5 or 7 years but rather of today's home based on state -of -the -art solutions that are currently available.

- Session 5, "Key challenges for the future"
What are the main challenges that connected home players will have to face together in the next few years? What key developments and innovations are expected in the short -to -medium term? In this session, the most dynamic companies, organizations, and initiatives committed to the strategic development of the connected home industry will share their answers to these questions…

- Session 6, "Perspectives of Duelling solutions: domination, disappearance or coexistence?"
For the first time at Net -atHome™, duels (of a peaceful nature!) are organized so that Net -atHome™ delegates can have a more precise view of some of the leading competing solutions in the home networking domain…

For more information about the conference program, click here. Should you wish to benefit from the last speaking slots to be allocated to Net -atHome2006 sponsors, please urgently contact us at info@net

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