Minicom Presents Cutting -Edge Remote IP Control for Small -Medium Business.

'As businesses invest greatly in IT infrastructure, IP Control allows them to preserve their ROI, and save on the cost of retraining IT staff'

Mincom Advanced Systems, a leading manufacturer of KVM solutions for managing IT servers and devices, presents IP Control, a state -of -the -art IP device for remote, out -of -band KVM access to computers and servers. IP Control provides remote KVM access for data centers and server rooms currently using legacy KVM systems to manage their IT hardware. It enables web based access from any location, without the extra costs of legacy reconfiguration and replacement.

"With IP Control, cutting -edge remote KVM access is no longer the exclusive privilege of large enterprise corporations. A uniquely affordable IP extension device, IP Control is ideal for the mainstream desktop environment and small -medium businesses that run mission -critical applications at remote locations", said Eran Kessel, VP Marketing at Minicom. "Pre -defined to fit multiple KVM switch vendors, it is the perfect add -on. As businesses invest greatly in IT infrastructure, IP Control allows them to preserve their ROI, and save on the cost of retraining IT staff".
IP Control is ideal for digital signage applications that require control and maintenance of remote players from a central control room. "By connecting the palm -size IP Control device, you can remotely command, in real time, and with virtually no extra cost, the content that runs on any number of video serves, while at the same time being able to troubleshoot even when the operating system is down", said Kessel. "It also greatly helps advertisers by allowing them to monitor their advertisements without having to leave the office" he added.
Featuring proprietary technology, IP Control provides superior video quality, mouse control, and BIOS level access over LAN, WAN and Internet. It enables remote Serial control of power switches, routers and other devices while providing secure, 128 -bit SSL encrypted access.

About Minicom Advanced Systems
Minicom Advanced Systems ( is a leading manufacturer of digital and analog Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) solutions for out -of -band server management. Known for its innovative technology, Minicom pioneered the use of CAT5 technology for KVM - now the industry standard, and was the first company to replace the traditional on -screen display with a multi -functional, hardware embedded graphical user interface. Minicom also manufactures a full range of CAT5 based extension solutions and Audio, Video, and Serial distribution systems for the digital signage market.
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