Add Bluetooth connectivity to your product

Embedded class1 and class 2 Bluetooth modules that quickly change your serial communications to Bluetooth wireless. The modules have a low pin count, easy configuration and a small profile.

Kanda now supply Serial to Bluetooth Modules that can be built -in to any product to give a powerful Bluetooth connection, without any fuss or knowledge of Bluetooth. These modules have a low pin count, 3.3V operation and include an antenna.

They provide a simple Bluetooth node for system installers, instrument engineers and product designers, in fact anyone who now uses serial communications in their product. All the engineer needs to do is fit these 8 - or 12 -pin DIL modules on the PCB, connect the serial lines to the module and voila, an instant Bluetooth Interface.

This Bluetooth interface has configurable operating modes and can communicate with any other Bluetooth node such as PDAs, some mobile phones, PC Bluetooth adapters, laptops, or simply talk to each other.

As well as being simple to add to hardware, they are simple to setup using the Windows Manager software supplied with the units or by using AT modem commands. A starter kit is available that is ideal for setup and evaluation of the modules -
see -ESD01 -SK [Starter Kit for Serial to Bluetooth Modules]

There are two module types for Class 1 and Class 2 Bluetooth - the main difference being the signal range. Class 2 modules are 8 -pin with an onboard antenna and a range of 30 metres. Class 1 modules have 12 pins. They use an external antenna and 15cm extension cable, which is easy to mount outside a case, and have a range of 100 metres with the supplied stub antenna. Extra range can be achieved using optional Dipole or Patch antenna.

As both the Bluetooth mode and the serial port are easy to configure and change, including Baud Rate, parity, Hardware Flow control, Generic Access Profile and many others, then these modules can fit into a range of existing designs without major re -engineering. So, the range of uses is endless from serial cable replacement to product updates via Bluetooth.

For more information on class 1 modules, see -ESD01 -1
[Class1 Serial to Bluetooth Modules]

For more information on Class 2 modules, see: -ESD02 -1
[Class 2 Serial to Bluetooth Modules]

If a PCB module is not suitable for the application, perhaps because a bought in motherboard is being used, an external boxed version of the Bluetooth to serial adapter is available,
See [External Serial to Bluetooth adapter]

About Kanda:
Kanda manufacture and supply a wide range of embedded system tools. We are specialists in In System Programming, low cost emulators and training systems for a wide range of microcontrollers, PLDs and memory devices, including PIC, AVR, ST7 and COP8. We also supply interfaces for USB, CAN Bus and serial to Ethernet conversion.

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