Cary Audio Design unveils '1080p high performance' DVD playback in the Cinema Series DVD 7.

The Cinema Series offers superb sound and video for home cinema systems. The DVD 7 player provides video outputs from 480i to as high as 1080p with either HDMI, RGB + HV or Component video outputs.

APEX, NC (May 15, 2006) - Cary Audio Design announces the arrival of the DVD 7, the powerful new DVD player in the Cinema Series. The Cinema Series offers superb sound and video for home cinema systems. The DVD 7 player provides video outputs from 480i to as high as 1080p with either HDMI, RGB + HV or Component video outputs. This truly unique feature is compatible with either HD or ED video displays. The audio soundtrack playback quality matches the vibrancy and vividness of the video output from the ALWAYS ACTIVE triple video processor section. The DVD 7's craftsmanship, forward thinking design, and flexibility make it a desirable component for all video lovers, integrating well with existing home theater setups and new designs alike.

The DVD 7 offers a rugged steel chassis, an industrial grade DVD CD ROM drive mechanism, fiberglass PCBs and 1% precision parts to create a player of the highest quality on the market. The fully regulated power supplies assure stable power to the drive, the control circuits, the digital, video and the analog output stages of the DVD 7. An internal steel tunnel shields the drive to minimize interference in all circuits. Because of this careful design, the analog video outputs' signal to noise ratio is greater than 78 dB.

The DVD 7 offers easy integration and installation into home automation systems. Our design strategy and plan for our home theater equipment allows us to ensure compatibility with virtually any companies' home automation system. The DVD 7 has discrete commands for RS 232 and infra red codes for remote control.

The DVD 7 player has 3 completely separate ALWAYS ACTIVE video output sections. You can run the linked HDMI or RGB video outputs at a display setting of 480i to as high as 1080p at the same time and same setting. Simultaneously, you can use the Component video outputs at an independent setting of 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p. The S -Video or the composite video outputs can run 480i at the same time. If they are all the same aspect ratio, this player can be the video source for 3 to 5 displays at the same time

The DVD 7 is also unique because it offers audio playback quality beyond comparison. The audio section of the DVD 7 is derived from the CD 303/300, which was named the "2005 Product of the Year" by Electronic House magazine. The DVD 7's sound quality rivals audiophile CD players at any price point.

MSRP - $4000.
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A manufacturer of high -end audio electronics, Cary Audio Design is known for delivering innovative, no -compromise audio and audio video designs to owners worldwide. The Cinema Series is an award winning product line, receiving accolades from several influential AV and audio enthusiast magazines. Those recognitions include "Best Buy" awards and "Multi -channel amplifier of the Year" awards for the Cinema 5 and Cinema 7B.

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