Leon Speakers Announces Horizon 313 LCR Speaker

Raising the Bar in Flat-Panel Speaker Performance and Design The Horizon 313-LCR is Leon's most compact, high-performance left, center and right combination speaker

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May 9, 2006 Volume 1 Issue 3

Install of the Month (May)

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Raising the Bar in Flat -Panel Speaker Performance and Design

Featured this month is a Horizon 313 -LCR model with Fujitsu Silver finish. Special thanks to RJ Hogan at Crescendo Designs in South Hampton, NY for providing a great custom install photo.

at this year's InfoComm in Orlando.

Now Shipping Horizon 313 LCR speakers for all model Plasma TVs and LCDs.

Call 1 -888 213 -5015 for our special in -store demo offer.

Raising the Bar in Flat -Panel Speaker Performance and Design
The Horizon 313 -LCR is Leon's most compact, high -performance left, center and right combination speaker

The newest addition to the Leon Speakers product line, the Horizon 313 -LCR, features a sleek, angled -back profile and is only 3.5 inches deep and 4.75 inches tall. This high -performance yet compact on -wall loudspeaker combines left, center and right channels in a single unobtrusive cabinet. Custom built to order in 3 -5 days, each Horizon 313 -LCR matches the exact dimensions and finish of any flat panel display.

The Horizon 313 -LCR features newly -designed 3' ultra -linear, high -fidelity, full -range titanium cone drivers for superb dynamic range and tonal clarity. The Horizon 313 is the world's most compact three channel high -fidelity custom sound solution for Plasma TVs and LCD screens.

'The titanium cone woofers quickly energize the room with an incredibly dynamic, tonally balanced immersive experience' said Jeff Gordon, CEO of Leon Speakers. 'The Horizon 313 -LCR truly redefines the performance and aesthetic expectations of a 3 -channel single enclosure in this price range.'

The beautifully styled, expertly crafted cabinet is finished by hand to match the exact width and color of any Plasma TV, LCD or DLP screen. Grill cloths match the color of the flat panel display unless otherwise requested. Custom grill colors are available at additional cost.

Highly specialized mounting accessories to accommodate almost every conceivable installation and application are also available, making the installation quick, simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Availability and Pricing Horizon model 313 -LCR is available now. Prices start at $995.00 MSRP. Visit www.leonspeakers.com for more information or call 1 -888 -213 -5015.

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