Harmony Solutions Releases Maestro

Harmony Solutions, LLC. is pleased to annouce the realease of the Harmony Maestro HomeSeer Plug-in. Maestro can create professional touchscreen controls in a matter of minutes without a lot of technical know how.

Harmony Solutions, LLC. announces the release of the new Harmony Home Maestro plug -in. Maestro has been designed to become the centerpiece of your home's systems; providing control, communication, and convenience. The new plug -in creates an attractive customized interface without the need for extensive programming of each display. By using HomeSeer's powerful hardware control engine behind the curtain, homeowners can select from a wide range of hardware manufacturers.

"As technologies move from the office to the home it is becoming more important to provide intuitive and consistent controls, to keep home owners from always having to learn new and complex systems." stated Harmony Solutions President, David Hanford. "Some home owners are uncertain about programming their own events, or find that the only way to get a professional looking interface is to spend hundreds of hours building their own. We want to change that." Maestro is designed to download and install into HomeSeer software or into the HomeSeer PRO -100 controller directly from the internet. Once installed, you are lead through a short series of questions to customize your system.

Within a matter of minutes you can have complete touch screen control of your lights, fans, sprinklers, thermostats and more. Maestro clients can be run on almost any standard browser which supports Flash 7 or later. Because home owners may want to run Maestro on different displays throughout the house, a different skin (or background) may be set for each display.

Harmony Solutions, LLC. Is a software company focused on bringing the promise of technology into the home. Harmony Solutions has developed the Harmony Home Maestro to be the core of an ever growing modular system. The initial release of Maestro includes the Lighting, Heat & Air, Irrigation, and Awareness modules. Future planned modules include, Media & Music control, Pool control, security integration, weather, recipes, and more.

For more information visit: www.harmony -home.com

Maestro is now shipping and available from HomeSeer.com and authorized dealers and distributors.

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