GridWise Expo Takes Shape with Strong Educational Sessions, Live Demonstrations

The inaugural GridWise Expo features an impressive line-up of industry experts and new technology demonstrations.

DALLAS, TEXAS -April 14, 2006 -Clasma Events Inc. announced today the GridWiseTM Expo, a first -of -its -kind event providing education and business development opportunities for high -level stakeholders of the U.S. electric system, is becoming the premier avenue for defining the future development of the national electric grid with an impressive line up of general sessions and more intimate roundtable discussions. The inaugural event will be held May 16 -18, 2006 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

The GridWise Expo will reinforce the GridWiseTM vision of electric grid modernization through the development and use of advanced sensor, communication, control and information technologies. The four key elements of discussion and demonstration include:

1. Education on technologies, initiatives and impact
2. Live demonstrations of hardware, software and communication concepts available to realize the vision
3. Business development prospects for product and service suppliers
4. Industry outreach initiatives for trade associations and groups

"The GridWiseTM Architectural Council is extremely pleased to provide the stakeholders of the U.S. electric system the chance to meet, network and generate ideas and relationships that will further the vision of modernization," Rik Drummond, GWAC chairman, said.

The GridWise Expo will be the first opportunity to touch and feel the full breadth of technologies and policies integrating supply with demand from distribution automation, distributed generation to demand response and new market structures, topics that form the basis of a new value proposition for operating the power grid.

The GridWise Expo is a progression of events originating from the GridWise Constitutional Convention, a groundbreaking industry event held in Philadelphia, PA, in December 2005, where a constitution was signed containing 25 key principles of interoperability that support the realization of the smart grid vision.

The first GridWise Expo will be co -located with BuilConn and M2M Expo and Conference, two synergistic events that share common principles and objectives centered on connectivity. The industries represented by each event are critical areas of influence for the other represented industries, BuilConn as the premier event for building -IT convergence, and M2M being the exclusively -focused event for machine -to -machine communications.

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About the GridWise Expo
The GridWise Expo will be the defining event for the future and modernization of the North American electric grid, a vision of integrated renovation that requires the full involvement of the complete supply chain of the electric grid, from generation to consumption.

The first GridWise Expo will be held May 16 -18, 2006, in Palm Springs, CA, at the Palm Springs Convention Center. For further information please visit

About Clasma Events Inc.
As the organizer of the GridWise Expo, Clasma Events Inc. was formed solely to organize and manage technology events around the area of smart connected devices, and the subsequent impact to industry and business.

Based in Dallas, Texas, with a network of associates and partners around the U.S. and across the globe, Clasma Events is a virtual organization, leveraging the power of the Internet for B2B -centric organization of events.

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