Proficient Launches NFM Near -Field Monitors

NFM5 and NFM6 Designed For New & Existing Home Markets

RIVERSIDE, CA. - March 2006 - Proficient Audio Systems, a leading brand of

architectural speakers for the residential custom install market, announced
the launch of its all -new NFM Series Near -Field Monitors. The NFM6 and
NFM5 blend the recognized quality of Proficient with the performanceintimacy
of a serious near -field monitor. Together, the two products are the
latest evidence of Proficient's rapidly expanding product line -up.

The objective in designing the NFM Monitors was to deliver product that
would be ideal for multi -channel and two -channel rooms. Compared to larger
speakers created for maximum output, the NFM design has superior imaging
and brings the listener into a wider sweet -spot, giving the owner an improved
soundfield regardless of their seating position.

"Proficient has focused on developing narrow categories of high -performance
products that address the most specific needs of our dealers" said Marshall.
"Proficient NFM Monitors offer our dealers a more complete solution from us.
Plus, they sound awesome for moderate -priced speakers. I believe that's due
to our aluminum tweeters which has been a great choice for us for our
upper -end systems. They're the best when it comes to delivering superior
mid -range vocalization and upper end response."

Proficient has delivered two models: the NFM6 and the NFM5. The NFM6 is
equipped with a 6 -1/2" polypropylene woofer and 1 -1/2" voice coil which
allows it to handle up to 150 watts of power. In addition, the NFM6 utilizes a
1" aluminum -dome. The NFM5 features a 5 -1/4" poly woofer and 1"
aluminum tweeter as well. Both NFM speakers are built to Proficient's high
sonic standards and come with a 10 -year limited warranty. The MSRP on the
NFM6 is $400 a pair while the NFM5 runs $300 per pair. Both models are
shipping now.

In summing up the NFM product line, Marshall said "Our installers want the
best sound possible from speakers that are as inconspicuous as possible.
With the new NFM lineup, we've achieved Proficient's goal of delivering
exceptional sound in a small package - for a modest price. It's a win -win for
our dealers and their customers."

About Proficient Audio
Proficient is a leading architectural brand which launched in 2001 with a line
of built -in cinema and whole -house speakers for the new home market. In
2005, Proficient expanded into distributed audio electronics. Proficient is a
part of the Linear Home Technology Group. Linear has several high -quality
brands in the residential custom installation market.

For additional information, call Keith Marshall at 951 -288 -0945, email at - or go to - or send
your snail mail to 940 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507.
Or, you can call Leslie Stevens of Eclipse Marketing at 949 -363 -5340 - or

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