ReQuest Enhances Web based Control with New Macromedia Flash Interfaces for AudioReQuest and VideoRe

ReQuest, the acknowledged leader in media-server technologies and products for home entertainment and media systems, has released the latest evolution of their operating system for the company's highly regarded music- and video-controller models.

Ballston Spa, New York -March 25, 2006 -ReQuest, the acknowledged leader in media -server technologies and products for home entertainment and media systems, has released the latest evolution of their operating system for the company's highly regarded music - and video -controller models. AudioReQuest version 2.2.0 is now available for all F.Series, N.Series, Z.Series, and Tera music -server models; while the VideoReQuest digital video controller is upgraded to version 1.4. The upgrades offer more than two dozen new features and options including exciting new remote -access design and discrete multi -zone functionality from popular touchscreen interfaces and IR -based control systems such as Elan, Niles, Speakercraft, Sonance, and others.

"These new OS releases substantially enhance the power and the convenience of AudioReQuest and VideoReQuest systems," says Steve Vasquez co -founder of ReQuest. "The result is easier -to -use, more intuitive and more powerful systems for owners and installers alike, whether via touchscreen, keypads or handheld remotes -or even via Web -based control."

AudioReQuest v.2.2.0, and VideoReQuest v.1.4 are user -installable via on -line downloads at no cost to owner or dealer/installer. Both versions feature Web -server -based remote controls that utilizes Marcromedia Flash to deliver to owners and users their personal systems familiar touchscreen layout, appearance, and controls, with full, operability, from virtually any Mac, PC, or portable in any room of the home -or from any Flash -capable Webpad or other device, anywhere. This delivers to owners a consistent user experience and promotes more confident operation and programming, whether on -site or remote.

Next, ARQ v.2.2.0 adds substantially enhanced multi -zone control integration functions for the multiple source enabled F.Series and the new S.Series. There's new multi -zone support for popular touchscreen controllers including Crestron, AMX, and low -cost stand alone touch screens from Elo, as well as added multi -zone operations with Elan Via! control systems, for an even greater range of owner and installer system -design and customization options. A new user interface "Theme" upload capability allows dealers and end users to add new touchscreen and TV based interfaces that in the future can be downloaded from the ReQuest website or created and customized with special tools. And ARQ v 2.2.0 also incorporates new discrete, infrared multi -zone functions for keypad controllers in both new and existing ReQuest systems, for a substantial boost in power at the press of a button. New Pronoto IR control codes, Elan overlays, and pre -made modules for Crestron and AMX are available at the ReQuest website at

The new software introduces zone -naming ability across the board, allowing users to designate playback and access by room -name, family -member, or any other chosen labels.

Another key introduction is Enhanced Themes multi -zone IR TV capability. This offers an animated and interactive control experience via an installation's TVs and video displays and using the ReQuest remote handset, to systems or rooms that do not incorporate touchscreen hardware. Additional features of the ARQ v.2.2.0 software includes Web -server enhancements that deliver quicker response and support for extra ARQLink Info and ARQLinkPro, providing dealer/installers with faster and more powerful system access for service and setup.

VideoReQuest VRQ v.1.4 also leads with a new Flash -based interface that matches the look -and -feel, and portability, of the ARQ v 2.2.0 interface for consistent, intuitive operations. The new system also makes a VideoReQuest DVD controller accessible for programming and control from any Web -browser on any Flash -enabled device (PC, laptop, hand -held) anywhere in the system, or, via the Internet, anywhere in the world. Also new in this release is complete, automated DVD -cover -art -lookup for all studios, yielding fast, "hands -free" delivery of fully graphical on -screen access to movie -serving.

AudioRequest ARQ v.2.2.0 is available now
VideoReQuest v.1.4 will become available April 15, 2006.

Both can be downloaded from or requested at no charge from authorized ReQuest dealers worldwide.

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