Headphone Maker is "Already There" with Safe Volume Headphones

LTB Audio Systems, the leading manufacturer of true digital 5.1 headphone technology has been implementing a technology called Safebasstm to limit volume levels of Bass audio.

Teterboro, NJ (PRWEB) March 31, 2006 - - LTB Audio Systems, Inc. is finding the demand for safe hearing products a growing concern among parents and audiophiles, LTB Audio Systems embarked on the "SafeBasstm is Better" campaign. Since 2003 LTB has been promoting their patented technology along with their unique true 5.1 headphone products for computer and game console use as well as for movies and television. "All LTB Audio Systems 5.1 Headphone systems including our new wireless Cinema 1 headphones include SafeBasstm" said Marketing Director, Jon Miller. "We know long term users of headphones for PC gaming and watching movies will benefit from SafeBasstm" LTB has patented Safebasstm in seven countries including the U.S. with the intention to make sure the technology is available more wide spread as their products expand to global distribution.

LTB 5.1 Surround Sound headphones are designed with 4 x 15mm speakers for center and surround audio and 2 x 40mm speakers for Front/Rear audio. The unique output circuitry limits Maximum Sound Pressure Levels (S.P.L.) to less than >90dB. LTB has developed patented SafeBasstm technology to create optimal Bass response by distributing Bass audio through Right -Front and Left -Front channels. This exclusive circuit technology limits Decibel ranges to no more than 90dB for safe, long term listening.

LTB Audio Systems focuses attention exclusively on Digital Headphone solutions for Home Theater, Gaming and Audiophiles. LTB will introduce several new two -way communication headphone systems based on 2.4GHz in 2.1 Stereo that will enable VOIP and interactivity audio on wireless headphones. Customer's looking to find the LTB 5.1 Headphones can checkout Staples.com, QVC.com, OfficeMax.com, PCconnection.com, Smarthome.com, Techdepot.com or Skymall.com. Also LTB has a company store at www.shopltb.com for LTB Headphones and accessories. Also check the "where to buy" section on LTBaudio.com.

About LTB Audio Systems
LTB, which stands for Listen To Believe, represents a product line focused on providing leading edge audio and multimedia headphones designed to meet the optimal demands of the latest Digital Media in Games, and Movies as well as music and Hi Def Audio. LTB controls various key technology patents that have made them an upcoming leading manufacturer of True surround sound technology products. For more information visit LTB at www.ltbaudio.com.

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