Advanced Media Introduces Ridata Hard Coated, Double -Sided, 4X Mini DVD -R Optical Discs at Upcoming

Tough, Hard Coated, Mini Discs are Ideal for Camcorders and Other Applications Featuring 2.92GB Capacity or 60 minutes of Audio or Video Playback

Advanced Media Introduces Ridata Hard Coated, Double -Sided, 4X Mini DVD -R Optical Discs at Upcoming Retail Vision

Tough, Hard Coated, Mini Discs are Ideal for Camcorders and Other Applications Featuring 2.92GB Capacity or 60 minutes of Audio or Video Playback

Diamond Bar, Calif. - -April 3, 2006 - - Advanced Media, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the popular RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media, electronic storage products, and digital media accessories is pleased to introduce RIDATA Hard Coated, Double Sided, Mini DVD -R 's. Advanced Media will be showcasing the new Mini DVD -R's at Retail Vision that will be held in San Antonio Texas on April 4 -7, 2006.

The compact 8cm size, hard coating and universal read -compatibility make Ridata Mini DVD discs an ideal medium for a broad range of mobile storage applications, including storage of multimedia content - - digital audio, video and still images, graphics, business presentations, internet downloads and data sharing. The discs will have a street price of per piece is under $2.00 for a 10 pack.

"We are continually developing new storage products to meet the demands of the ever changing digital storage marketplace," said Harvey Liu, Advanced Media president. "Accurately capturing video is critical to videographers, they need tough, storage media they can depend on. Ridata products have been at the forefront of U.S. optical storage for five years. Globally, Ritek is widely recognized for its dedication to customer service and extensive high quality storage media offerings."

Ridata Hard Coated, Double Sided, Mini DVD -R Features a 4X recording speed and each side can record up to 1.46GB.This creates storage for up to 60 minutes of Audio & Video recording time virtually eliminating the need to carry numerous discs. For security, the information on the DVD -R is permanently recorded (write -once) and cannot be altered or erased with an archival life span of over 100 years. The small discs are also compatible with DVD -ROM drives and DVD -Video players.

The special hard coating technology protects media against scratches that can occur when the discs are transferred between cases, camcorders and DVD players. RIDATA Hard Coated, Double Sided, Mini DVD -R 4X media are up to 100 times more scratch resistant than standard optical discs and will easily wipe clean fingerprints, ink smudges, and accidental food or beverage spills. Hard Coating features rapid static discharge to aid in preventing dust from adhering to the disc.

By reducing the amount of dust that contacts a camcorder's sensitive internal optics, Hard Coating helps maintain hardware performance and will aid in the longevity of a camcorder. Furthermore, RIDATA Hard Coating Double Sided DVD media provides three times greater resistance to damaging UV light, more than any other DVD media available.

Another key advantage of the double -sided discs' configuration is convenience. It allows users to read, write, or view nearly twice the amount of data than do single -sided DVD discs without having to change discs. It offers a widely compatible DVD backup and data archiving format for a variety of applications.

About Advanced Media (RITEK USA)
Advanced Media, Inc. is a subsidiary of RITEK Corporation, the world's largest optical media manufacturer. Advanced Media is the sole North and South American marketer and distributor of the RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media as well as other types of electronic storage media.

The RIDATA brand currently includes: CD -R/RW, DVD+/ -R/RW, DL DVD+R/R, and DVD -RAM optical discs; flash memory cards, adapters, and reader/writers; USB drives; and assorted media accessories. Since its formation in 2001, Advanced Media has experienced phenomenal annual growth and is already a leading marketer of electronic storage products in the American market.

RITEK for years has been defining and redefining the optical storage market. Around the world, its name is synonymous with innovation, quality, and unparalleled consistency. Its QS 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and Six Sigma certifications prove RITEK's commitment to quality control.

Advanced Media is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California. For further information, call (909) 861 -2269 or e -mail: The Advanced Media web site is located at:

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