TRIBUTARIES® Bows Long -Run HDMI™ Solution

TRIBUTARIES® Cable, manufacturer of widely admired high-value/high-end audio and video cabling and accessories, has debuted an innovative new enhancement for the rapidly spreading HDMI™ digital-audio-video interconnect standard.

Orlando, FL -March 30, 2006 -TRIBUTARIES® Cable, manufacturer of widely admired high -value/high -end audio and video cabling and accessories, has debuted an innovative new enhancement for the rapidly spreading HDMI™ digital -audio -video interconnect standard. The new DSR -701 Digital Signal Restorer from Spectrum Electronics, ensures full performance from HDMI™ connections over cable -runs as long as 45 meters/148 feet. HDMI™ (High -Definition Multimedia Interface) is rapidly becoming the universal standard for interconnecting digital televisions, including HDTV monitors and sets, with digital -video sources such as digital -cable set -top boxes, DVD players, and DTV tuners, and will be the connection of choice for forthcoming high -definition DVD standards.

Though little bigger than a bar of soap, the DSR -701 automatically analyzes the incoming HDMI™ signal and applies custom -tailored equalization to ensure optimum performance through the connected length and quality of cable. This correction ensures complete data restoration on the incoming signal to HDMI™ specifications, minimizing data loss by the receiving component, with full quality for all DTV resolutions up to and including 1080p, or computer -monitor formats up to UXGA.

Unlike conventional HDMI™ " repeaters," the DSR -701 is engineered to lock on to even a weak HDMI™ data -stream and restore it to full -bandwidth integrity: the DSR -701's Data -Lock Sensor LED illuminates red when the unit first detects a signal, and changes to green to indicate full lock and restoration. The DSR -701's circuitry is direct coupled from input to output and is designed with fully balanced -line signaling and self -diagnostic monitoring. Complying with HDMI™ Standard 1.1, the DSR -701 delivers fully automatic signal -equalization of up to 40 dB at 1.65 GHz, and extends interface length to 30 meters (98 ft) with 28AWG STP (shielded twisted pair) HDMI™ cable, 40m (131 ft) with 26AWG STP, and 45m (148 ft) with 24AWG STP cable.

The DSR -701 Digital Signal Restorer for HDMI™ connections is constructed on an all -metal chassis using the latest ultra -high -frequency surface -mount technologies, and is supplied with an outboard, 3.3 -volt DC power supply.

Available immediately, with a manufacturer's suggested price of $349.

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