Amperion and Corinex Partner to Deliver 200 Mbps BPL Solutions to Utilities and Operators

Amperion and Corinex Communications have executed a partnership agreement that will deliver a turnkey Broadband over Powerline solution to utilities and operators around the globe

LOWELL, MA and VANCOUVER, BC (Mar. 29, 2006) ´┐½ Amperion, Inc., the leading Access Broadband over Powerline (BPL) solution provider, and Corinex Communications Corp., the largest Powerline manufacturing company in the world have executed a partnership agreement that will deliver a turnkey solution (best of breed BPL hardware, software, and services) to utilities and operators around the globe. The agreement allows Amperion to combine Corinex 200 Mbps Medium Voltage (MV), Low Voltage (LV), and Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) Powerline equipment with Amperion MV Couplers, network design capability, utility application software development, and BPL deployment services. This will enable Amperion to provide its customers with the lowest cost, highest performance end to end BPL solutions available in the market.

´┐½Partnering with Corinex gives Amperion access to the most advanced Powerline hardware in the world, both for utility power grids with their MV/LV equipment, and in -building networking systems with their MDU equipment´┐½, said Bill Melton, Chairman and CEO of Amperion. ´┐½Corinex has the largest Powerline product portfolio in the world, and their 200 Mbps AV200 Powerline (UPA) products have outperformed all other Powerline products we´┐½ve tested. We are now able to deliver a cost effective solution that meets the needs of our customers and partners worldwide.´┐½
´┐½Amperion has been the leading BPL solution provider with its vast quantity of Powerline deployments throughout the world. Their expertise in designing BPL networks, developing utility application software, and extensive understanding of the intricacies of MV and LV deployments makes them an ideal integration partner for Corinex´┐½, says Peter Sobotka, CEO Corinex. ´┐½The inclusion of world -class Amperion MV Couplers with Corinex MV and LV Access Gateways enables the creation of an integrated BPL solution which is the best in the industry.´┐½
Amperion and Corinex are already working together on several Access BPL projects to be deployed by Amperion both in North America and globally. Amperion will also be setting up Corinex/Amperion BPL competence centers in the US and in strategic international locations, where they will offer comprehensive BPL training to utilities, operators and other partners.
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About Amperion, Inc.
Established in June 2001, Amperion designs and deploys networking software and hardware that enables the delivery of high -speed broadband data over medium and low voltage power lines. Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, Amperion has established itself over the past five years as the market leader in MV broadband solutions, with product deployed on four continents across the globe.

About Corinex Communications Corp.
Corinex AnyWire ConnectivityTM solutions distribute high speed IP signals on electrical wiring, coax, and phone lines. Corinex has a Powerline market share of 48% worldwide (In -Stat/MDR) and 40% in North America (Frost & Sullivan). Corinex was the first company in the world to sell production volume AV200 Powerline (UPA) products, to deliver up to 200Mbps throughout a home, office, or MDU and is the industry leading Powerline manufacturer and product design house.

Media Contacts:
Steve Greene Amperion, Inc. (614) 596 -9295
Brian Donnelly Corinex Communications Corp. (778) 371 -7697

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