Gefen Shows HDTV Integration Solutions at EHX

As the convergence between computers and television grows closer, Gefen meets it with a line of enabling solutions that allow incompatible components to connect and communicate with each other in a seamless fashion.

Orlando, Fl - Gefen's HDMI and DVI Switchers enable cross -platform computers with DVI ports to connect to any HDTV display with either a HDMI or DVI connection.

With a Gefen switcher, two, three and four digital components such as DVD players and satellite/cable set -top boxes can be fed into one display. Users switch between sources with an IR remote, while maintaining the full quality of the HDTV signal. HDCP compliance is built into the units allowing for protected content to be viewed with no loss of picture quality.

Gefen's HDMI and DVI Splitters send one HD digital source to two or more HD displays at the same time. Users can send HDTV signals to both a projector screen and an LCD display or between HDTV displays in different rooms, offering an easy method of distributing HDTV video throughout the home with
full resolution and signal performance.

If displays and their sources need to be located more than a few from each other, Gefen provides a line of HDTV extension solutions that can send HDTV hundred of feet with absolute clarity and signal stability. Options are available that use CAT -5, DVI copper, HDMI and fiber optics cabling in
various lengths.

About Gefen
A leader in the high definition digital domain, Gefen delivers advanced technologies with multi -platform extension, switching, distribution and conversion capabilities. Gefen equipment is utilized all over the world in professional AV/IT and consumer electronics/home theater environments. Their add -on hardware maximizes system functionality and enhances operability by
enabling AV systems to go beyond their original capabilities. Solutions support an array of connectivity interfaces including HDMI, DVI, dual link DVI, HD -SDI, SDI, VGA, RCA, USB, Firewire and RS -232. A selection of high quality cabling is also available. Additional information may be found at

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