Mediabee Family Dashboard V2 Generates Excitement

Mediabee announces V2 of Family Dashboard, which makes it a lot easier for families and small groups to coordinate their activities. It sports a cool new look and offers better integration with your iPod, Yahoo, iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and RSS news.

Westborough, MA (PRWEB) March 8, 2006 - - Mediabee announced today V2, the next generation of Family Dashboard, their groundbreaking all -in -one organizer software that helps families and small groups coordinate all their scheduling and communication.

In recent times, a number of so -called Web 2.0 companies have cropped up with web -based calendar sharing solutions. Mediabee's solution stands apart from the pack for its focus on the needs of busy moms and small business owners as 'managers' of small teams. Mediabee's solution provides the appropriate level of ease -of -use, sharing, and robustness for this target audience.

Mediabee was founded by Saro Saravanan, the former chief architect of Fidelity Investments' retirement planning website. Saro and his team identified a number of real -life scenarios, such as the use of the wall calendar and day planner, homework notices and school work, and the situations relating to elder care and joint custody of children. They also worked with a large number of beta users in coming up with V2. The result is a clearly distinguished solution that can easily address these real -life needs.

As a downloadable application, it is an ideal 'anchor' application for the kitchen computer in a broadband household. But you can still easily get to it from wherever you are using a browser or a phone.

With the newly released 'copy to iPod' feature, each member of the family can download their contacts and calendars to their iPods. Also available is the ability to export Mediabee calendars and contacts to Yahoo, iCal, and VCF formats.

Another key feature of Mediabee is how easily community members can share specific schedules with each other. For example, let's say you're entering your daughter's homework schedule into Mediabee. With just a couple of extra clicks, you can share that with everyone in your zipcode (or internationally, if that's appropriate).

Mediabee is a free download, released under the 'donationware' license. If you're unable to see the picture included in this release, please use the following link:

About Mediabee
Mediabee was founded in 2002 by Saro Saravanan, the chief architect who launched Fidelity NetBenefits while he was at Fidelity Investments. A software industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Saro's unique focus on user experience helped him produce award -winning world -class products used by over 10 million users today.

A late 2003 study conducted by Cogent Research for Mediabee shows that 87% of households with PCs and PDAs still use wall calendars and day planners for coordinating their daily activities.

Mediabee's mission is to bring to life the 21st century Wall Planner ½ an alternative solution that consumers would love to adopt ½ on PCs, cell phones, Internet TVs, plasma displays, security panels, set -top boxes, media centers, home gateways ½ whatever devices customers choose. To that end, we have created a platform -independent system with a flexible architecture. Mediabee's passion to bring this product to market is driven by research, real -life user feedback, and rapid innovation.

Saro Saravanan
508 -341 -2042
707 -222 -0363 (fax)


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