Sonance Introduces Weather -Resistant Loudspeakers for Indoor & Outdoor Enjoyment of Music

Superior performance, innovative mountings, and increased durability highlight eight new models

San Clemente, CA -January 2006 -Enjoying your favorite music outdoors on the deck, around the hot tub or in your personal garden sanctuary has now been made easier with Mariner® loudspeakers from Sonance -the company known throughout the world for their architectural loudspeaker designs.

The new Mariner weather resistant series is comprised of eight different models that can be installed inside the home in rooms where moisture is a concern, or outdoors in locations where friends and families come together to relax and play. Although multipurpose, Mariner establishes a new benchmark for ruggedness, weather -resistance, and performance along with a cabinet design that offers the quiet visual elegance designers expect of any product wearing the Sonance insignia.

"We've devoted extensive development to creating the best -sounding,
highest -performing loudspeakers possible that remain reliably weather -proof under even the most strenuous environmental conditions," says Scott Sylvester, Director of Product Strategy for Sonance. "Sound reproduction is amazing and the designer friendly cabinet integrates easily with any décor."

The new Mariner series features robust woofers across the board, which combined with high -output tweeters for full sound from non -reflecting, open outdoor locations. For installations in areas where space is a consideration, Sonance offers two "single stereo" models that actually reproduce satisfying stereo sound from a single loudspeaker.

Installation is quick and easy with FastMount®
The exclusive patent pending FastMount® system makes it easy for the handy homeowner or custom audio installation expert to install Mariner loudspeakers as close as one inch to the mounting surface in a vertical or horizontal position. The unique brackets of the FastMount system allow Mariner loudspeakers to literally snap and lock securely into place making them theft -proof. Removal can be performed via a hidden release tab located behind the speaker grille. Once in place, Mariner loudspeakers can pivot 180 degrees and can be rotated horizontally by a regulated indexed position system that ensures consistent placement from one speaker to another for uniform appearance and accurate sound field reproduction.

An equally valuable, all -new Mariner feature is Sonance's new Protected -Access Terminal System (PACT), a front panel termination system that protects wire connectors from weather corrosion. PACT accepts input cabling via concealed, weatherproof, rubber -grommeted rear -panel ports and directs it to the front, baffle -side of each loudspeaker. There, behind a sealed access panel, signal connections can be made while the speaker is secure in its mounting bracket, eliminating any risky acrobatics on ladders for installers or homeowners.

The Mariner series by Sonance features a range of sealed, waterproof polypropylene enclosures across the board, with handsome yet rugged perforated -aluminum grilles. All eight models are available in durable, high -grade matte white or black.

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Model Retail Price
Mariner 82 (8"/ woofer, 1" tweeter) $750.00/pair
Mariner 63 (6.5"/ woofer, 1" tweeter) $650.00/pair
Mariner 62 (6.5"/ woofer, 1" tweeter) $550.00/pair
Mariner 61 (6.5"/ woofer, 0.75" tweeter) $450.00/pair
Mariner 62SS (Single Stereo; 6.5"/ woofer, 2x 1" tweeter) $375.00/each

Mariner 52 (5.25"/ woofer, 1" tweeter) $350.00/pair
Mariner 51 (5.25"/ woofer, 0.75" tweeter) $299.00/pair
Mariner 52SS (Single Stereo; 5.25"/ woofer, 2x 1" tweeter $275.00/each
About Sonance
Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Sonance was founded in 1984 by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer who introduced the world's first in -wall loudspeaker system to the consumer electronics market. With distribution in 45 countries around the world, Sonance remains at the forefront of technology by offering innovative solutions that harmoniously blend sound with designs favored by leading custom integrators, architects, interior design professionals and design conscious clients throughout the world.
For further information visit or contact the company at 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672, Telephone: 800 -582 -0771.

Sonance offers a variety of loudspeaker options for outdoor use that blend easily into landscapes including faux rock designs and a unique terracotta planter that serves as a single stereo speaker and plant contain in one.

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