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BRUSSELS - Feb. 1, 2006 - AMX, a worldwide leader in advanced control system technology, today launched its first RF -enabled Mio Modero™ Remote for handheld pushbutton control, along with an optional charging cradle. AMX also announced a new infrared (IR) sensor that conquers the interference caused by plasma displays. All three products are currently on display in AMX booth E17 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), being held in Brussels Feb. 1 - 3.

"Over the years, AMX customers have requested more handheld control system interface options, and we've continued to listen and respond to their needs," said Rashid Skaf, president and CEO, AMX. "AMX introduced the IR -enabled Mio Modero R -1 last year, our first product in an innovative, new line of stylish handheld remote controls. With the addition of these products, we now have device and accessory options available to fit the individual usage needs and transmission requirements of virtually any residential or commercial installation - from bedrooms and home theaters to meeting rooms and banquet halls."

Mio Modero R -2
The Mio Modero R -2 is an ideal solution for people wanting to control a specific number of integrated devices from more than one room. Using RF, the Mio Modero R -2 can transmit signals through walls, ceilings and other materials up to 100 feet indoors/300 feet outdoors.

The Mio Modero R -2 offers the same features and form factor as the popular Mio Modero R -1, including:
• 45 backlit laser -engraved buttons that can be customized to meet the needs of individual users and unique applications. Three buttons are designated to activate macros, or pre -determined sequences of events such as lowering the blinds, turning on the TV and adjusting the volume to a specified level. Six are slated for accessing individual devices, including DVD/CD players, a satellite receiver and television, while the remaining 36 represent specific operating functions for each device.
• An LCD display indicating the current device being controlled. The display supports 14 different languages, so the remote can be used in virtually any integrated environment worldwide.
• Patent -pending capacitive touch technology that "wakes up" the device. Simply touch the chrome side rails or tilt the remote, and the back light powers on.
• A form factor design that complements any décor. Its black, brushed metal face plates, chrome side rails, navigation tool and volume/channel buttons, exude sophistication and class.

The Mio Modero R -2 is available in 418 MHz and 433 MHz frequencies to eliminate RF interference when more than one remote is needed.

Mio Modero Charging Cradle
Between uses, place the Mio Modero R -1 or R -2 in the new Mio Modero Charging Cradle to ensure the remotes are always charged when needed and eliminate the hassle associated with replacing alkaline batteries. With stylish chrome details, the Mio Modero Charging Cradle beautifully coordinates with both remotes.

Plasma -Proof IR Sensor
The new Plasma -Proof IR Sensor uses optical and electronic filtering to overcome interference from plasma displays, which are growing in popularity worldwide. The new 38 KHz sensor is only 16mm by 9mm for discrete placement anywhere in the room, such as on top of a credenza or bookshelf, or under a skirted table or sofa.

The Mio Modero R -2, Mio Modero Charging Cradle and Plasma -Proof IR Sensor will be available within 90 days.

About AMX
Founded in 1982, AMX, a subsidiary of Duchossois Industries, Inc., is a worldwide leader in advanced control and automation technology for commercial and residential markets. AMX products enable users to centrally manage and control a variety of audio/video, environmental and communications technologies. Customers also leverage the company's advanced hardware and software platforms to store and distribute digital content, as well as to manage a selection of resources and services. By centralizing the management and control of these devices, AMX customers experience simplicity, efficiency and productivity in any environment. AMX delivers these benefits by working with leading manufacturers, dealers and distributors to integrate its products into vertical market installations around the world. It's your world. Take control.™ For more information about AMX, visit


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