TRIBUTARIES® Launches the TX500 AC Power Manager

Advanced Design Improves Real-World Performance

Orlando, FL -January 31, 2006 -TRIBUTARIES® Cable, known worldwide for its outstanding quality and service in the audio, video, and custom -installation cabling and accessories industry, has unveiled its first AC power -protection component.

Awarded the UL® 6500 Second Edition rating by Electronic Testing Laboratories, the TRIBUTARIES® TX500 Power Manager provides unrivaled real -world performance in surge suppression and noise filtering of AC power. Featuring extensive power control and convenience for up to 10 components with a cumulative demand of as much as 1800 watts, the TX500 also delivers surge protection for twin telephone connections, and for two fully independent RF signal paths specifically designed for cable, satellite or antenna devices. Additionally, each RF circuit maintains a consistent 75 -ohm impedance, providing bandwidth capability in excess of 1.5GHz.

Thanks to its use of silicon -avalanche diodes (SAD), the TX500 Power Manager delivers more effective long -term performance than nearly all other consumer surge -suppression products. Unlike the metal -oxide varistors used in most surge components, which degrade enormously in suppression capability over time, SADs provide superb suppression that remains 100 percent effective over hundreds or thousands of voltage spikes. What's more, for superior effectiveness under real -world power -line conditions, the TRIBUTARIES® suppression circuits deliver half -wave protection that reacts within a single half -cycle, and recovers within 2000 nanoseconds.

In addition to its world -class surge protection, the TX500 also incorporates world -class power purification thanks to TRIBUTARIES® Cable's innovative Twin -T noise filters. This design filters both "legs" of the AC line and provides a combination of extremely sharp cutoff characteristics with highly effective noise suppression. The TX -500 provides three filter pairs designed to provide exceptionally effective suppression of AC noise components, which can degrade audio and video signal quality. Additionally, each TX500 AC outlet pair is isolated to prevent AC noise produced by any one connected component from compromising power to any others.

The TX500 Power Manager's outstanding system control and convenience spring from its microprocessor -controlled power and outlet programming capabilities. Ten high -grade AC outlets are ganged into five pairs; each pair is individually protected and filtered, and can be easily programmed via rear -panel DIP switches. Each outlet pair can be set to be "always on" (cable boxes or satellite receivers), "immediately on" (most source components), or for a "5 or 10 second turn -on delay" (power amps and other high -current components) in response to the front -panel power switch, or to DC -trigger signals. Dual -trigger input and single -trigger output 1/8 -inch jacks are provided for convenient connection and easy daisy -chaining of additional TX500s, TRIBUTARIES® power strips, or compatible power equipment.

Blue front -panel LEDs display the on/off condition of each outlet pair, while an accurate and highly legible analog voltmeter shows the AC line voltage. The TX500 also automatically detects any polarity fault in the AC wiring of the outlet into which it is plugged and alerts the user via a blue front -panel LED. The Power Manager is supplied with an audiophile -grade TRIBUTARIES® IEC -standard, 6 -foot, 15A power cord.

TRIBUTARIES® Cable's TX500 Power Manager is now available, at a manufacturer's suggested price of $750.00 US.

Established in 1991 in Orlando, Florida, TRIBUTARIES® Cable is an acknowledged leader in the design, production, and distribution of high -quality audio and video interconnect cables, speaker wires, and electronics. The company prides itself on its customer service, and has won the CE Industry magazine "Inside Track" Supplier Loyalty Awards a total of nine times in the past ten years.

TRIBUTARIES® Cable is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gordon J. Gow Technologies, Inc.

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