Stewart Filmscreen Displays 'Stewart Media' Screen at Integrated Systems Europe 2006

A less expensive alternative to flat panel displays, the Stewart Media Screen is available in large sizes, at a fraction of the cost.

BRUSSELS, Belgium, 1 February 2006 - Stewart Filmscreen Corporation® -the industry leader in projection screen technology for the home and commercial markets -will be exhibiting its ground -breaking Stewart Media Screen at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), 1 -3 February 2006, at the Brussels Exhibition Center, Hall 5, Stand D23, in Brussels, Belgium.

The Stewart Media Screen looks like a flat panel display, but is actually a projection screen coupled with integrated speakers. The Stewart Media Screen allows anyone to enjoy a large -screen image and the stellar picture quality of a two -piece projection system, without complicated installation, or the high prices and technical problems associated with large -screen plasmas and LCDs.

"The problem with very large plasmas is that they are prohibitively expensive for a multipurpose room because the technology is still relatively immature," says Holger Jensen, director of operations, Stewart Filmscreen Europe. "Plus, when you have a non -dedicated room, it is not always convenient to install a retractable screen. The Stewart Media Screen is the solution."

In addition to being less expensive, the Stewart Media Screen has advantages over large flat panel displays. Plasma displays are known for burn -in and have a limited lifespan. With the Stewart Media Screen, there is no burn -in, and the screen will last a lifetime, with proper care.

The Stewart Media Screen is made of the award -winning Firehawk material, which is designed for environments in which there is a lot of ambient light, such as a living/ media room. The Firehawk material enhances the deepness of blacks, improving contrast. A special optical coating gives the image a full range of brightness and dynamic color rage. The Stewart Media Screen can be wall -mounted or mounted on a stand (sold separately), and is available in both front - and rear -projection models. "The Stewart Media Screen has the sleek look and slim profile of incredibly popular flat panel displays, but it is lighter, less expensive than a flat panel at these sizes and provides the enhanced picture quality of a two -piece projection system," says Krissy Rushing, marketing communications manager of Stewart Filmscreen.

In addition to an improved image, the Stewart Media Screen features integrated speakers with Rim -Fire technology that simulates a center -channel speaker to align the soundtrack with the action on -screen. The speakers have a frequency response of 500 hertz to 30 kilohertz. Of course, users can also use separate speakers if desired.

The Stewart Media Screen is ideal for multimedia use. Whether it's viewing HDTV broadcasts or films on DVD, playing video games, or displaying images from a PC, digital camcorder or camcorder, Stewart Media Screen displays personal media in a new and exciting way -on a large projection screen. It is also perfect for international markets such as Europe and Asia, where a dedicated home theater is not always an option due to limited real estate in the home. The Stewart Media Screen is an elegant solution that provides stunning picture quality in a room with ambient light.

Stewart Filmscreen will be showing the Stewart Media Screen at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), 1 -3 February 1 -3 2006, at the Brussels Exhibition Center, Hall 5, Stand D23, in Brussels, Belgium. Stewart Filmscreen representatives will be on hand to answer questions. Stewart Filmscreen will also be holding a press luncheon at its stand at 13h00 (1:00 pm) on February 2, 2006, where they will go into detail on the Stewart Media screen and other exciting new Stewart Filmscreen products.

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About Stewart Filmscreen
Stewart Filmscreen has been designing and manufacturing preeminent projection screens for home and commercial markets for more than 50 years. A family -owned business, Stewart Filmscreen maintains the highest standards in screen design and craftsmanship. In fact, each screen is handmade and custom -tailored. Founded in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen has grown from a small business to an international one, with offices in Denmark and Singapore, in addition to those in California and Ohio. Among numerous other awards and accolades, Stewart Filmscreen has received two Academy Awards for Science and Technological Achievement. Stewart Filmscreen brings that same quality and innovation to all viewing environments -including film studios, commercial theaters, home cinema, boardrooms, and even aerospace. Stewart Filmscreen continues to bring to market innovative, high -quality screens to meet the growing demands of its dealers, installers, and end users. More information on Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is available at

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