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US custom speaker originator premieres new Mirror Image Technology Series of in-wall loudspeakers at the ISE Show

RIVERSIDE, CA, USA: December 2005 (2 pages): SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in -wall speakers announces the European debut of a dramatic improvement in stereo imaging from in -wall speakers with the new AIM7 MT Series.

Building on the success of the AIM™ LCR centre -channel in -wall speakers, the AIM7 MT (Mirror Image Technology) Series is a range of in -wall models with a pivoting baffle (17 degrees of play) and an independently pivoting tweeter, allowing the installer to direct precisely low and high frequencies for accurate phase, frequency response and better stereo imaging.

The AIM7 MT models feature 7" woofers, offering a significant performance advantage over the 6" driver of the original MT6. They are available as mirror -imaged matched pair with the tweeter located below the bass driver and positioned left or right of centre. This arrangement enables the optimised "steering" of high frequencies toward the listener, resulting in improved imaging and a wider sound stage. The larger woofers of the AIM7 MT Series allow them to play louder, deeper and with more authority than the MT6 and at the exact same price.

The inherent versatility of the AIM7 MT models means that they will perform as beautifully from front, side and rear positions in home theatre applications. Their pivoting tweeters can be directed away from the listener to give rear -channel sound the precise degree of diffusion required.

Offering a useful choice of material and performance upgrades, the four -strong AIM7 MT Series starts with the AIM7 MT One system of silk dome tweeter and polypropylene cone woofer, and continues through the AIM7 MT Two system of silk dome tweeter and glass composite woofer, the AIM7 MT Three (aluminium drivers), to the top -of -the -line AIM7 MT Four system of magnesium/aluminium dome tweeter and woofer, providing 92 dB (1w/1m) efficiency, 150 watt power handling and a frequency response of 37 - 20,000 Hz ±3 dB. The AIM7 MT Three and AIM7 MT Four offer 8/6 ohm impedance switching and ±3 dB of bass and treble attenuation. The AIM7 MT Two offers ±3 dB adjustment of treble and 8 ohm impedance.

Available with AcoustaCell ™

When used with AcoustaCell acoustic surrounds, the AIM7 Mirror Image Technology speakers become the most advanced and accurate medium sized in -wall speakers in the world. Dramatically deeper bass, elimination of phase cancellation and lowered sound transmission into adjacent rooms can all be assured when using AcoustaCell.

The AIM7 MT models ate timbre -matched with similarly specified speakers in the SpeakerCraft range and offer a lifetime warranty.

Availability: Immediate from your local stocking distributor.

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