SpeakerCraft Makes Pivotal Decision

US custom speaker originator premieres two new ranges of Aim Series pivoting in-ceiling loudspeakers at the ISE Show

RIVERSIDE, CA, USA: December 2005:

SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in -wall speakers announces the European debut of a dramatic improvement in the heart of its speaker line -up: the AIM7 and AIM5 Series of in -ceiling speakers.

With the introduction of the AIM Series of loudspeakers in 1998, SpeakerCraft revolutionised the ceiling speaker by allowing the entire driver complement to be physically aimed at the listening area. Ceiling speakers could then be focused at the listener creating a vastly superior sound field and making a complete in -ceiling home theatre possible. However, until now, this technology was only available in five AIM8 models at the top -of -the -line.

In the new AIM7 and AIM5 Series of in -ceiling speakers, SpeakerCraft introduces the technology to 7' and 5' designs, providing improved imaging, intelligibility, more bass and higher sound pressure levels than similarly sized conventional in -ceiling speakers.


Designed to replace the successful SpeakerCraft CRS6 Series at similar price points, the four -strong AIM7 Series speakers will offer larger 7' woofers and independently pivoting 1' dome tweeters concentrically mounted in a fully pivoting baffle. Offering a useful choice of material and performance upgrades, the AIM7 Series starts with the AIM7 Two system of silk dome tweeter and reinforced fibreglass cone woofer, and continues through the AIM7 Three (aluminium drivers) and Aim7 Four (aluminium/magnesium drivers) to the top -of -the -line AIM7 Five system of magnesium/aluminium dome tweeter and Kevlar˘â cone woofer, providing 91dB (1w/1m) efficiency, 150 watt power handling and a frequency response of 35 - 20,000 Hz +/ -3 dB. The AIM7 Three, Four and Five offer 8/6/4 ohm impedance switching and +/ -3 dB of bass and treble attenuation. The AIM7 Two offers +/ -3 dB adjustment of treble and 8 ohm impedance.


Providing a similarly tiered upgrade regime as the AIM7 Series, the two new AIM5 designs offer 5' woofers and independently pivoting 3/4' dome tweeters concentrically mounted in a fully pivoting baffle similar to that of the AIM8 and giving as much as 17˚ directional flexibility.
The Aim5 One uses a silk dome tweeter and polypropylene bass driver, and the AIM5 Three an aluminium tweeter and woofer, together with +/ -3 dB of bass and treble adjustment and three -way impedance switching.

AIM7 and AIM5 models offer a lifetime warranty.

'These new AIM Series designs make other similarly priced ceiling speakers that don't aim, obsolete' said Jeremy Burkhardt, President of SpeakerCraft. 'We have seen such a dramatic shift from in -wall to in -ceiling speakers and the benefits of a fully pivoting speaker at these price points makes it hard to recommend anything else.'

Availability: Immediate from your local stocking distributor.

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