Digital Fidelity enhances DigiFi -Dock - the Multiple iPod based, Multi -Room Solution

London based audio software specialists Digital Fidelity have added significant additional functionality to their DigiFi Platformto break further ground, adding USB docking and network drive scanning.

(Las Vegas, NV) After launching successfully launching DigiFi -Dock, the first virtual music server platform based on multiple iPods at CEDIA 05 in Indianapolis, London based audio software specialists Digital Fidelity have added significant additional functionality to break further ground. Their DigiFi software platform is licensed to OEMs for the manufacture of traditional and/or virtual music servers.

Market Step Change

We created DigiFi -Dock in response to the iPod phenomenon commented Matthew Simmons, Commercial Director for Digital Fidelity. iPod has revolutionised the way that consumers have access to their whole music collection. Consumers now carry their complete music collection with them at all times, but they also want to be able to play this music on their home audio system or car.

Until DigiFi -Dock, the only way they could realistically get to play this digitally stored music at home was by connecting the iPod using an audio cable or one of the basic docking systems starting to enter the market, but control is still limited to a simple remote and/or the rudimentary serial interface on the iPod itself.

Music Stored Everywhere

However this was only the start of it for us, as we recognised that anyone with an iPod also has a computer and that in any home, where it is prevalent, digital audio is stored on a multitude of devices and formats. The consumer is frustrated by the lack of options to pull all this music into one easily controllable library.

The original DigiFi Dock concept

DigiFi -Dock powered products enable the consumer to put iPod at the heart of their home audio system in the role of a virtual server. Multiple iPods can be docked with the DigiFi -Dock and, with it, the consumer has rich control of all the stored music through a variety of remote control methods and feature -rich interfaces.

The enhanced DigiFi -Dock solution

New enhancements to the DigiFi platform shown at CES now add the ability to integrate other USB removable devices where music is stored such as cell -phones, other MP3 players and Sony PSP. Needless to say, docked devices (if so enabled) charge at the same time.

Furthermore, DigiFi is also now able to scan for music on shared drives in the home environment and present this in the library for playback. DigiFi does this intelligently and pro -actively without the need for intrusive software agents on the source device. This consumer is becoming very aware of the dangers of their PC becoming clogged up with software elements they dont want which at worst open up their PC to external attack it was very important to us that the scanning elements of DigiFi worked completely independently stressed Simmons.

Multiple Audio Streams from each docked device

Each different stream of music can be created and played in Digital or Analogue. You can choose multi -streams from one player, one stream from each player, or each of the streams being derived from a mix of all the players. Each stream can be made up of a mix of uncompressed or encoded music.

The rich DigiFi GUIs then display an unparalleled amount of information in the chosen interface. The basics such as Song Titles, Artists, and Albums are shown, but also Playlist, Genre, Last Played, Most Played, Last Added and lastly Cover Art (if stored). DigiFi also provides the user with a Search function to seek out that elusive Album or Artist tucked away in their whole music library.

Rich Interfaces Simple Control

Each of the audio streams can be directed to multiple home zones using the DigiFiinterfaces. These interfaces are: -

Full control via IP or RS232
TV interface controlled by infrared
Pocket PC interface controlled by a WiFi enabled PDA
Sophisticated PC desktop interface can control DigiFi -Dock(on a fixed or wireless network)
Sony PSP - NEW
Web -Browser - NEW


Manufacturers who wish to exploit the iPod market quickly can now, with DigiFi -Dock, produce a sophisticated and cost -effective docking device that gives elegant connectivity to a home audio system together with full remote control of the stored music through rich interfaces.

About Digital Fidelity

Digital Fidelity is a UK based IT manufacturing and software consultancy. Backed by substantial private investment and in partnership with leading hardware and software providers, Digital Fidelity Limiteds mission is to provide simply sophisticated solutions to the international audio -visual industry.

Digital Fidelity focus on two key insights in the consumer electronics space:

That there is a clear need for a silent, powerful and sexy hardware platform that will be at home in the home and there is a need for an intelligent, intuitive and interactive interface with which to play and manage otherwise inaccessible audio and visual data.

We do this by specialising in developing hardware/software packages designed to take digital music into the living room not as a dressed -up PC but as a true Consumer Electronics product.

For more information about Digital Fidelity and DigiFi please email or contact Matthew Simmons Commercial Director on +44 7789 740 146.

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