Soundations Introduces High -Performance Equipment Racks for Home Theater, AV Systems

Unique Audiophile-Quality HF, AV, F1 and Ultimo Racks Combine Innovation, Aesthetics, Non-Resonant Chassis and Engineering Excellence

CES '06, LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2006 - Soundations, a premier designer and manufacturer of high -performance audio/video support solutions for use in Home Theater and other home entertainment systems, introduces several unique new high -performance, audiophile -quality Equipment Racks at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Soundations new Equipment Racks are available in HF, AV and F1 model series, and the top -of -the -line Ultimo Series, representing a broad variety of designs and configurations. Among the finest equipment supports available, they have been created by acclaimed furniture designer and violin maker Murray Kuun to serve the needs of the most demanding audiophiles. Unlike most equipment supports, Soundations new systems assign equal emphasis to attractive aesthetics, absolute sound quality, and engineering excellence. Innovative adjustment systems are built in, and as much attention is paid to their stylistic compatibility with modern interiors as to any other aspect of the design.

HF and AV Series Racks
The HF and AV Series racks are designed to integrate high -performance audio and video systems into modern interiors without compromising equipment performance or interior aesthetics. To this end, Soundations employs a combination of coupling, absorption and mechanical isolation techniques to ensure maximum isolation, since audio and video components must be isolated from acoustic feedback to ensure top performance.

All internal shelving is decoupled from the outer 'isolation cradle' using ingenious adjustable bushings that also provide infinite shelf adjustment possibilities. This allows for critical leveling of sensitive components and maximum space utilization.

Material choice and construction quality are also designed for high -performance support furniture. Soundations products combine solid MDF, aluminum and steel for the isolation cradle, and supply shelving in heavy duty glass or MDF. The MDF frame elements can be finished in cherry veneer or blackstone lacquer.

HF Series racks are available in five basic models with differing combinations of glass, MDF or skeletal shelving, in a variety of finishes. AV Series racks are available in three basic models equipped with 10 mm -thick, tempered glass shelves, in a variety of finishes. Also available in the HF and AV Series are hi -fi stands, speaker stands, isolation platforms and amplifier stands.

F1 Series Racks
F1 Series Racks are unique in that they require no shelving. Audio components appear to be suspended in mid -air but are supported by infinitely adjustable 'fingers' that ingeniously clamp components in a manner that eliminates chassis resonance, while also ensuring maximum space utilization.

F1 racks provide an excellent platform to achieve high -quality sound reproduction, while creating a stunning tableau of high -end support as the individual components appear to float within the furniture.

F1 Series racks are available in four basic models in a variety of finishes, with no shelving required. Also available in the F1 Series are hi -fi stands, speaker stands, isolation platforms and amplifier stands.

Ultimo HF
Soundations top -of -the -line Ultimo HF Equipment Rack employs the same technology as the HF and AV Series models. In addition, all internal shelves are double -decoupled from the outer 'isolation cradle' using an adjustable rubberized suspension system that allows for highly effective acoustic isolation. A system for precisely adjusting each shelf's height allows for critical leveling of sensitive components and maximum space utilization.

The chassis is constructed of double MDF slabs, big diameter oval aluminum tubing and steel tension rods to provide a very rigid cradle for the MDF shelving suspended within. It comes supplied with skeletal shelves and is available in any standard Soundations finish. Also available in the Ultimo series are hi -fi stands, amplifier stands and speaker stands.

Soundations new Equipment Racks are available now from authorized Soundations dealers at a broad range of prices depending on configuration and finish. They can be seen with other outstanding Soundations products in Booth 26700, South Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, during the show.

About Soundations
Founded in 1982, Soundations designs, manufactures and markets the finest equipment supports available, including high -performance, furniture -grade support systems created specifically for use in Home Theater, and home music and audio/video entertainment systems. Based in South Africa, the company is highly regarded for the stunning, hand -manufactured products created by acclaimed furniture designer and violin maker Murray Kuun. Its systems are supported by numerous features - such as infinitely adjustable shelf heights and advanced acoustic isolation - that are not available from competitive brands, and are offered in a choice of styles and sizes to satisfy any taste and need. Soundations products are distributed in the U.S. by Executive traders Worldwide. For further information, visit Soundations' Web site at

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