Introduction to Residential Technologies Online Course Now Availabel

Bedrock Learning announced a new online training course and instructional Course Guide designed as an orientation for professionals and laymen interested in learning about the residential technology industry.

Bedrock Learning, an online and custom corporate training provider, today announced a new online training course and instructional Course Guide designed as an orientation for professionals and laymen interested in learning about the residential technology industry. The course, Introduction to Residential Technologies, provides an engaging and informative overview of the industry, market, and technology systems used in connected homes.

This course provides the ideal orientation to the current state of the industry, market, and available technologies for aspiring installers and interested builders, developers, contractors, real estate professionals, and homeowners.
Students learn about the products and services that are available today and installation resources for them. Major subsystem categories discussed include Structured Wiring, Residential Telecommunications (phone systems and intercoms), Home Networking (wired and wireless), Entertainment (distributed audio and video), Lighting and Energy Management, Security, Health, and Safety, and the Integration of multiple home technologies (home automation).
Introduction to Residential Technologies, like all Bedrock Learning courses, is a student friendly tutorial with numerous graphics. Developed by recognized industry experts, the Instructional content incorporates a proven and effective teaching approach that makes learning efficient and enjoyable. The online course features more than 3 hours of instruction and includes a Certificate of Completion that demonstrates a student's fundamental knowledge of the residential technology industry. The course package includes a full color, printed Course Guide, which is also available separately.
Helen Heneveld, President of Bedrock Learning, noted, "New technologies always cause confusion when they are introduced to consumers and home technology is no exception. This course is an effective primer to get up to speed quickly and take advantage of the high growth of the residential technology market."
About Bedrock Learning
Bedrock Learning provides foundation level training for the residential technologies industry. Based on more than 25 years of training and curriculum development experience, the company was founded in 2004 by long time industry leader, Helen Heneveld and curriculum developer, Gareth Hancock. Bedrock Learning provides students with convenient 24/7 access to online training through its Online Training Center along with printed books and materials. Students completing online courses can earn CEUs from organizations such as CEDIA. Custom curriculum and online training/learning management system development are also available from Bedrock Learning.
For more information, contact:
Jana Tafelski
Bedrock Learning, Inc. 616.335.6206 Holland, Michigan

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