New Application Software Enables High-Quality Audio Encoding and Playback in Home and Automotive Applications

LAS VEGAS (January 5, 2006) - As consumer electronics applications evolve with the need for higher ripping rates for transferring audio from CD to storage, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced high -speed encoding (HSE) application software and hardware based on its AureusTM platform of high -performance audio digital signal processors (DSPs). This new functionality will enable advanced capabilities for applications such as automotive jukeboxes, automotive HDD/Navigation systems, home media servers and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) -based stereo systems. (For more information please visit www.ti.com/performanceaudio2.)

"The navigation market is very competitive, and we need to continue to design and implement new compelling features for consumers to be successful," said Takeshi Yazawa, senior manager, AVNC PF Engineering Department, Alpine. "TI not only provides the key support, easy -to -design technology and advanced features, such as high speed encoding, but they also help us find ways to cut costs and save money."

Driving Consumer Demand Through High -Speed Encoding

TI extends the capabilities of its TMS320DA7xx Aureus platform of digital audio processors with the introduction of a high -speed encoding system solution. High -speed encoding is a key differentiating feature for home and automotive audio equipment. The TI solution quickly and efficiently rips and stores content from a CD, while simultaneously playing it back. This creates new product features including automatic and transparent storage of content on a jukebox anytime a new CD is inserted.

The DA710 offers outstanding HSE rates: 20X for ATRAC -3 and 12X for MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) and ATRAC -3plus (rates listed are for standalone encode only). The high speed encode rate transforms the consumer's experience. A 60 minute audio CD could be ripped to storage in approximately 3 minutes using the ATRAC -3 encoder. Additionally, the consumer can listen to the audio while it is ripping, providing an interface that is easier to use.

System cost savings are enabled through software support of new interfaces to the DA7xx Aureus DSPs. The solution will support CD and DVD loaders (ATAPI and serial), hard disk drives (HDD), USB on -the -go (OTG), SD/MMC, NAND Flash and M -System's Disk -On -Chip, as well as interfaces to multi -channel audio, Sony/Philips Digital Interface (S/PDIF) and radio components. This direct interaction of Aureus DSPs with other system components, such as a CD loader or HDD, eliminates the need for an external micro -controller unit (MCU) to manage these interfaces, resulting in an overall smaller box and lower system cost.

The high speed encoding solution is built upon existing modular application software previously available for the Aureus digital audio processors for multi -channel decoding applications. TI provides a comprehensive, highly modular system solution by starting with robust software and adding modules for encoding, new interfaces and system software, such as file management. This allows OEMs to rapidly turn an innovative idea into an actual product, capitalizing on the growing, evolving encoding market.

"We continue to look for emerging markets and areas for growth in the automotive and home audio business," said Dave Maples, Performance Audio manager, TI. "TI's technology is enabling a whole new range of applications with these advanced audio functions. For instance, high speed encoding is allowing manufacturers to change consumer behavior by eliminating the need for a mechanical CD changer with an automotive jukebox and eliminating the need for a PC with a home media server."

Expanding the Overall Digital Audio Market

By expanding the functionality of the Aureus platform of audio DSPs, TI enables developers to push the edges of the multimedia market and drive innovation in both home and car audio applications. The HSE solution is ideal for applications such as a fast and inexpensive CD ripper to USB or NAND flash. Automotive jukeboxes or home audio server features are enhanced by supporting high -speed ripping from a CD loader to a HDD, while simultaneously playing back content from USB, a DVD or HDD. In a car, the system could be simultaneously ripping and playing CDs for the vehicle driver, while passengers in the back watch a DVD with multi -channel or virtualized surround sound.


HSE system software solution is available now on the DA7xx Aureus platform of digital audio processors through Mistral. Mistral provides an evaluation module (EVM) demonstrating the capabilities of HSE, as well as hardware and software customization and design support. For more details please contact Mistral (www.mistralsoftware.com/hse).

TI also offers a wide range of complementary high -performance analog and mixed signal components for audio applications with amplifiers, including low -power Class -D audio amplifiers, high -precision analog -to -digital (ADC) and digital -to -analog converters (DAC), sample rate converters, microphone preamps, single and dual output low drop out (LDO) regulators, low -voltage switching DC/DC converters and supply voltage regulators.

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