Introducing the PlayO Personal Theater Surround Sound Headphones from Abcron

Headphones that Deliver a True 5.1-channel Surround Sound Experience

Introducing the PlayO Personal Theater Surround Sound Headphones from Abcron

Headphones that Deliver a True 5.1 -channel Surround Sound Experience

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., January 4, 2006 - - Abcron Corporation today announced the addition of PlayO PA -201 Personal Theater Surround Sound Headphones to their rapidly expanding line of consumer electronic and optical media products.

The PlayO Personal Theater Surround Sound Headphones enable users to enjoy a total immersion audio experience with true 5.1 -Channel technology that combines left/right channels, center channel, rear channels, and deep bass subwoofer all -in -one. The virtual 7.1 channel mode uses digital sound processing to emulate the effect of two additional side speaker channels.

Andy Huang, Abcron Vice President of Business Development stated, "With four strategically placed speakers in each ear, the PlayO PA -201 Personal Theater Surround Sound Headphones allow you to hear every screech, crash or laser blast with incredible clarity, while the enhanced bass processing ensures you'll feel every smash, bump and thump." Huang adds, "These headphones are ideal for gamers who want to feel thrust into the center of the excitement, as well as for movie enthusiasts who want to totally escape into the action on screen."

The headphones' light weight and built in volume controller and mute function allow for comfortable and private listening; and the headphones easily connect to a PC, media center or laptop using a standard USB 2.0 connector. A detachable microphone is included for gaming, chat and karaoke applications.

About Abcron Corporation
Headquartered in City of Industry, Abcron is the manufacturer of the PlayO brand of recordable DVD media as well as a variety of consumer electronics and storage media.
The PlayO brand currently includes: blank DVD+/ -R/RW and CD -R media, disc packaging, flash card accessories and mobile speakers. For further information, call (626) 581 -0616; e -mail:; or visit the Abcron Corporation website at

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Julie Gazda

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