New Home Theater Magazine Now Online

Enjoy the, sister publication to longstanding audiophile site Enjoy the, will feature reviews of both home theater audio and video gear plus educational articles and valuable resources from the industry's leading authorities.

New Home Theater / Cinema Site Now Online!

Great Reviews & Resource

In early February 2006 Enjoy the®, a leading authority in audiophile reviews and information, will launch their sister publication Enjoy the™. New reviews of both home theater audio and video gear will be joined with commentary, educational articles, plus valuable resources from the industry's leading authorities. Editorials and reviews will be written in an easy to follow and concise manner while new Web personalities Chip and Chad, better known as the Couch Potatoes, will entertain readers with their quip and wit.

Steven R. Rochlin, editor of Enjoy the™ and Enjoy the®, said "Our new home theater / cinema efforts perfectly compliment our audiophile efforts that have spanned well over a decade. Our focus will be firmly planted on both the audio and video side as new technologies have shown great promise to enhancing life's enjoyment. Preliminary discussions with both industry and consumers gave us resounding encouragement. Our unique perspective combined with entertaining personalities will welcome home theater aficionados to our site, and they will return frequently to enjoy our regularly updated information and added reviews.

The immense popularity of Enjoy the® from the entire high -end audio community will extend to our home theater efforts. Our expansion to home theater will allow us to cover worldwide videophile gear within our upcoming show reports from all around the globe. As always, service is to our readership first and foremost with equipment and movie reviews plus editorial articles and so much more."

About Enjoy the™

As a sister publication to the Web's leading information site for audiophiles, Enjoy the™ will benefit videophiles and home theater enthusiasts with decades of consumer electronics experience from our staff. While it is a new publication, this effort is not from new and unknown upstarts. Equipped with a truly qualified staff, Enjoy the™ will educate and engross readers with a wide array of reviews and think pieces plus comical banter from online personalities Chip and Chad, also known as the Couch Potatoes. New reviews and articles will appear monthly with industry news and other pages updated on a regular basis.

About Enjoy the®

As the Web's leading information site since 1995, Enjoy the® provides hundreds of reviews, editorials, and industry news events. Our carefully chosen staff members include longstanding audiophile journalists with decades of experience. Immense resources include the largest online publishing of audiophile events, over 100 reports, and the Internet's only audiophile Web site browser plus RSS feed and WAP site. In total, over 300MB of data is available and easily accessed because of a common sense layout and search engine. As official Internet partners of The Absolute Sound, The Audiophile Voice, and The $ensible Sound, sister publication Enjoy the® is considered the most comprehensive audiophile resource in the world

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