Experience the \"Musical Enlightenment\" of Acoustic Zen Technologies new Adagio speaker

Acoustic Zen Technologies 'Musical Enlightenment' When the synergy of theory, practice, and technology is optimized to deliver music without compromise, 'Musical Enlightenment' is achieved.

Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen Technologies has been applying his extensive knowledge and experience to the design and production of some of the industry's most acclaimed interconnects, power cords, and speaker cables in the service of this goal. The results have garnered international awards, but more importantly, yielded musical joy for countless listeners.

Finally, after years of development and testing, the transmission of music becomes more complete with Acoustic Zen Technologies Adagio speaker. Within the Adagio speaker, theory, practice, and technology are brought together into a musical harmony.

Consider the following elements:

Dual 6 1/2 inch woofer/midrange drivers using a specialized sandwich design with ceramic external layers around a fabric internal layer for maximum stiffness while minimizing cone breakup, flexing, and resonance.

The drivers have shortened, under -hung voice coils - this technique results in having the voice coil behave in an extremely linear fashion throughout its entire travel. Therefore, this short voice coil / long magnetic field gap motor system significantly results in a ten time reduction of both harmonic and TIM distortion, compared to a conventional over -hung voice coil driver design.

The tweeter is a limited production, specially modified circular ribbon that has exceptional dispersion, transient, and power handling characteristics along with a linear impedance and phase response. This eliminates the difference between the upright and parallel radiation angles. The 0.01mm heat resistant Kapton membrane is almost weightless, providing an immediate and precise response to any transients in the original music signal.

The curved surfaces of the time and phase aligned cabinet minimize external diffraction while reducing internal standing waves. Combining the best of both worlds, the port is actually a part of the internal transmission line system. The resulting bass is fast, tight, deep, and musical.

With an efficiency rating of 89 dB, coupled with an ability to handle virtually any unclipped amplifier power output, life -like sound pressure levels are attained, without compression, all from a speaker with a small footprint.

To fully experience the "Musical Enlightenment" of Acoustic Zen Technologies Adagio speaker, Robert Lee invites you to visit suites 1505 and 1507 at T.H.E. Show during the 2006 CES, from January 5th through 8th.

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MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

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