Leviton and Dedicated Devices, Inc. Introduce Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Leviton Manufacturing Company and Dedicated Devices, Inc. (DDi), announce the introduction of the Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform (LE&AP).

Leviton Manufacturing Company and Dedicated Devices, Inc. (DDi), partners in the design and manufacture of a residential multimedia system that installs as part of a home's structured wiring system - - announce the introduction of the Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform (LE&AP) - - an entertainment server that bridges computers and consumer electronics in the home. The Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform provides an easy, secure and reliable way to access, manage and distribute digital music, video, and photos throughout the home with either electronic devices (e.g., TVs, stereos, etc.) or computers. The Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform creates the home's central networking point, affording the convenience of a secure, private network for storing and sharing music, video and photos, as well as Internet access, files, printers and other equipment throughout the home.

"Today's homeowners want to be able to conveniently access their video and music collection from any room in their home and view family photos on a TV in their living room. What they're seeking is a single device that can organize all their digital media with an interface that's as easy to use as a TV -style menu and handheld remote," said Ian Hendler, director of business development for Leviton Integrated Networks. "Leviton and DDi are at the right place at the right time to make the long -awaited digital convergence a reality in the typical home. Our new whole -house digital entertainment system networks the home's electronics and manages and distributes its multimedia content as part of a home's structured cabling infrastructure."

Easy to use and readily upgradeable, the Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform is reliable, secure, and "always on". Unlike a PC -based system, it is unaffected by PC viruses and crashes. It combines the best attributes of the personal computer, consumer electronics and networking equipment into a compact, powerful unit, which, because it stands at the center of a new home's digital infrastructure, never needs adjusting or resetting by the end -user. Users simply access the system using a simple, convenient remote control, through any networked TV or entertainment system.

"The Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform is comprised of a Digital Distribution Center, a dedicated device that enables centralized management, distribution and storage of digital content so homeowners can enjoy music, video and photos anywhere in the house, whenever they want. A homeowner can view their entire photo library on any system -networked TV, for example, or enjoy their music collection on any system -networked entertainment center in the home," Hendler explains.

The Digital Distribution Center acts as the audio server, video server and photo server for the whole -home digital entertainment system. This device includes an eight -zone, commercial grade residential gateway and firewall, 120 GB internal digital media storage, and four USB 2.0 expansion ports. The flexible design of the Digital Distribution Center allows for adding new functionality, such as higher capacity storage devices and software upgrades for future home entertainment, security, and control applications.

The platform also consists of a Digital Player which functions as the bridge between the Digital Distribution Center and the homeowner's TV or stereo equipment. Using standard audio/video cables (RCA, S -Video, NTSC composite video and component video) or advanced digital connections (optical S/PDIF, Coaxial S/PDIF, DVI), the Digital Player connects to a TV or stereo and communicates with the Digital Distribution Center over a home network using a standard Ethernet (Cat -5/5e). By using the Remote Control and easy -to -read and easy -to -use menus on a TV screen, homeowners can browse through and select their collection of music, video, photos and files stored and managed on the Digital Distribution Center.

While whole -house networked digital entertainment is not new, previous system designs discouraged widespread installation and acceptance due to their high cost and installation and set -up complexity, limiting their market appeal to the high -end custom home niche market. Unlike those systems, the Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform is designed for adoption within the "bell curve" of the home construction market and the mainstream installer, rather than as an esoteric high -end solution.

"The Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform's open, portable architecture enables it to be used in conjunction with OnQ, GE Interlogic, Home Director and other leading manufacturers' structured wiring systems, making it the most versatile choice for installers in both new construction and retrofit installations," adds Hendler.

As a modular, easily upgradeable system, the Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform represents a source of additional business for electrical contractors, security system and other low -voltage installers seeking to extend their product offering. In the time it takes to set -up and program a single touch screen on a typical high -end system, an installer can configure and activate an entire Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform.

Homebuilders benefit through their ability to offer prospective homebuyers an innovative solution for ensuring that their new -home investment will support future digital technologies and entertainment. Since the system is installed as part of the home's structured wiring system as a single, integrated digital platform, homeowners can access their digital content throughout the home more efficiently and cost -effectively than by using separate components. As a built -in solution, the cost of this technology can be amortized over the life of a home mortgage.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Dedicated Devices, Inc. was founded in 2003 by former Micron Electronics, Inc., award -winning product development and management executives, as well as pioneers in the home integration and automation market. DDi is focused on delivering innovative and easy -to -use digital home networking solutions to the new residential home market.

Leviton Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic wiring devices. The Leviton name is synonymous with quality electrical products for every conceivable commercial and residential need.

Pamela Winikoff
Phone: 718 -281 -6155
Email: pwinikoff@leviton.com

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