Easy -To -Use Digital Video Recorder Provides Improved Simplicity and Performance

Sentry Security Systems Inc. has released a new version of their easy-to-use embedded LE Series digital video recorder (DVR).

Sentry Security Systems Inc. has released a new version of their easy -to -use embedded LE Series digital video recorder (DVR). This edition expands the systems usability and user friendliness with features that are generally found on more expensive equipment, yet retains the components that made the previous version known for its reliability and ease -of -use.

"The Sentry LE Series DVR is a plug -and -play, easy -to -use, high quality, ultra reliable digital video surveillance solution that supports up to 16 closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras. It is particularly suited for security applications where there is no in -house IT staff or when the system will be used by people with little to no PC experience. The upgrades increase the comfort level of the individual(s) using the equipment; they make the system more flexible and allow users, no matter what familiarity they have with CCTV, to easily and properly use the LE system." Mike Demmons, Product Manager, Sentry Security Systems, Inc.

Highlighted New Features:
·Graphical Interfaces - Updated local and remote interfaces for improved ease -of -use.
·Multiple PTZ Protocols - User can control different PTZ cameras using multiple protocols on the same system.
·Video Resolution - Resolution can be set individually by camera.
·System Log - Records system operations into searchable log.
·System Configuration File - Users can backup and restore system configuration easily.
·Playback - Adjustments to brightness, contrast and sharpness can be performed on recorded video.
·Search by Event - Search recorded video for specific events such as motion within a predefined area that occurred within a specified time interval.

Sentry LE Series DVR
The Sentry LE Series DVR has real -time display and can record up to 120fps; 1.5TB of video storage can be installed providing up to three months of continuous footage. Video is optimally compressed yet still provides superior quality. The system supports alarm input and output devices, permits control of PTZ cameras, and features remote monitoring (live or recorded video), remote recording and viewing by multiple people simultaneously by LAN or Internet connection using a web browser. The advanced motion detection feature allows the definition of multiple motion detection zones per camera and several methods of notification about intrusions or abnormal situations are provided.

The Linux -based operating system and software is embedded on a chip instead of written on a hard drive ensuring a high level of stability, security and long -term reliability. An IR remote makes controlling the system similar to operating a VCR or TV. One channel of audio recording is provided on all models.

Company Information:
Sentry Security Systems, Inc. is a major supplier of security cameras, digital video security systems and CCTV surveillance equipment. We provide an excellent range of products to meet virtually any video surveillance requirement from residential to commercial, industrial and government. Sentry is committed to providing the highest quality products and an unparalleled level of customer service and support.

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Contact Info. - Terry Gilmer, Marketing Communications Specialist, Sentry Security Systems Inc.

Phone: 1.866.736.8796, E -mail: terrygilmer@cctvsentry.com

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