CQC Version 1.5 Released

Mountain View, CA - December 20, 2005 -- Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd today announced availablility of version 1.5 of CQC, its Charmed Quark Controller automation system.

CQC is a software -based automation system that incorporates very powerful backend and front end features, all in a tightly integrated package. It includes a powerful, network distributed, multi -user backend architecture, with a highly graphical front end, in a secure and extremely robust, professional level automation product. It brings both traditional home automation and media management together into a single system, so that you don't have to integrate multiple systems to achieve your goals, with all of the complexity and stability issues that entails.

Version 1.5 introduces very important new automation features to the CQC product, filling out its offerings in two major areas and adding to the list of supported devices.

New features in CQC 1.5 include:

Web Server -

CQC now incorporates a zero configuration web server, so that you can access CQC from devices that only have a web server as a client interface, or remotely via any web browser. It implements digest style authentication and page access can be controlled based on CQC security as desired. Dynamic content pages can be served up via our CML macro language, and images can be accessed from the CQC image repository, as well as from on -disk image and HTML content.

Event System -

CQC now supports network wide event handling, which allows CQC to respond to changes in the system automatically, throughout the network. These new 'triggered events' which complement the existing scheduled events, allow you to create very powerful automation logic. There is a simple but powerful filtering language to tell CQC what events should trigger a given action.

Web Browser Widget -

The user interface system now supports a web browser widget, so you can embed web pages into your user interfaces. The widget supports standard web navigation commands and URL setting commands, so you can allow for easy access to specific web sites.

Graphical Text -

The user interface system now supports special 'graphical text' effects. So you can now create gradient text, reflected text, blurs, and blurred drop shadows. These effects contribute greatly to the ability to create serious 'eye candy' interfaces.

Web Access Classes -

The CML language runtime has been expanded to provide HTTP and URL classes. These allow CML based drivers and macros to easily access web -based content.

Standalone Viewer Mode -

You can now install CQC on a client in 'standalone viewer mode', which just installs the support libraries and the interface viewer, without any background services. This is intended for clients such as tablet PCs or laptops, where you just want to view interfaces, without the extra overhead of background services.

New/Improved Drivers -

New drivers are available for the Aprilaire 8870 RS -485 thermostat system, the Proliphix NT10e and NT20e IP based thermostats, the Sherwood 965 A/V processor, caller ID modems, Neothings Avalon A/V switcher, and the Elk M1 driver has been expanded significantly.

About Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd

Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd is a privately held company, formed in 2003, incorporated in 2004, to serve the home automation market with open, robust, secure, and networked automation products.

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