Zandar MultiViewer spreads the word for Church Digital Signage

Zandar Technologies, a leading technology innovator and pioneer in MultiViewer systems, has been selected by a Baptist Church youth center in New Mexico, USA, to help creatively communicate its message to its congregation.

Located in the foyer of The Fuel Building, part of the church's new $2.2 million complex, the Zandar FusionPro 1RU MultiViewer is an integral component of a digital signage system, designed and installed by Positive Projection Systems which integrates with the church's larger display system comprising 6 projectors, 3 plasmas and 27 television screens. The content played on the system includes live camera feeds, recorded footage, advertisements, music and videos.

Gary Bender, Director of Positive Projection comments, 'We wanted something that would be visually attractive, more flexible and different to video cubes. The client wanted it to be appealing to the youth audience and we found it in the FusionPro 1RU.'

The FusionPro 1RU is a multi -window display system which accurately renders multiple video and computer graphics sources to high -resolution displays and supports resolutions up to SXGA (1280x1024) and beyond with absolute pristine image quality. In an application which reflects the flexibility of Zandar MultiViewers, the FusionPro system ensures optimal image quality on whatever display resolution the client requires - Plasma, Projector or LCD.

With the ability to support up to 8 scalable windows, the FusionPro 1RU boasts layout editing software for full user display configuration - a feature which particularly impressed the client. 'There is a combination of DVD, video and computer inputs with up to six sources being used and I really like the way you can shape the size of each screen to give a visually exciting 'wow effect'', comments Gary Bender. 'The response from the youth has been really positive. Attendance has increased, and the kids are really excited by it.'

The FusionPro 1RU is integrated with a Media Flex Series matrix router from Knox Media Technologies and operated using a VITY Monopro control system.
'We are really happy the way the installation worked out; the system is so easy to use and any technical anomalies were overcome without difficulty,' adds Gary Bender.

Deirdre Smith, CEO of Zandar Technologies concludes, 'In The Fuel Building installation, the system has proved its easy integration with the client's larger digital system. The Fusion Series MultiViewers are designed with flexibility in mind. They are completely versatile and furthermore are designed to be scalable for the future. We are very pleased that the FusionPro 1RU has proved to be such a success in this church installation.'

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